Please excuse me while I go find my wild side and spend a couple days with some crazy gals up in Maine.

Here's a hint.

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Thought so.
Here's another hint.

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Still confused?
I hope I make it out alive so I can get back and fill you lovelies in on everything.
Until then, feel free to follow the adventure on Instagram with me - my name is "youstirme" and you can follow along with the hashtag #girlsafari!
Hope you find some fun times with friends this week, too!



Enjoy the weekend, you beautiful people.

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*Stirring Around*

You'll need a hankie for this one.

Love this adorable film reminding us all of the magic of childhood.

Paint chip garlands are the best, aren't they?

This amazing homemade dollhouse reminds me of the two my dad made for my sister and me.



Market Days

One of my favorite things about our new home is our little neighborhood. Whenever we tell people in Portsmouth where we live, they always tell us we live in the nicest, quaintest, and oldest part of town. I agree! It's filled with adorable pastel and traditional colonial colored houses, beautiful brick and cobblestone walkways, and everyone has the dreamiest gardens flowing out over their white picket fences. And did I mention I can smell the salt air and hear the fog horn from our couch? Today I went for a run and ended up doubling my distance just because the scenery was too picturesque to stop! And I crossed three bridges with the ocean on either side of me! How do people function without the ocean at their doorstep? 

I feel so lucky duck to live here. 

One of the neat things about our new place is the Portsmouth Farmers' Market is literally in our backyard. Literally. I just turned my head and looked out the window to make sure I could see the farmers' market parking lot. Yup. So close to us. I can't wait to walk by on my way to work on Saturday and grab some goodies for the gals. Being able to eat fresh and support local farmers and artisans is at the tippy top of my list. I grew up selling our farm produce at the local farmers' market so market life has always been important to me.
Plus, it's so much fun to bring a basket and fill it up with flowers and yummy produce.

I heard Dave is cooking for me on Saturday. 

I could get used to this life.

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Do you venture out to any markets in your neck of the woods? What do you like to cook afterwards using your delicious goodies? 
We make market fresh pizza.
Nom nom.



My Kind of Neutral

When it comes to heels, the brighter the better I always say. I wore bright pink shoes on my wedding day but always wondered if I could have brought myself to wear something a little more neutral or classic on my big day. 
Probably not.
But, these sparkly babies come pretty darn close.
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Those are fairly subtle, right? 

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Or, I'd follow this bride's crafty idea and add some bows to my pretty little things.

Are you a classic heeled bride or do you like a little pizzazz peeking out from below?



I'm Doin' It

I swear every time we have a spell of dreary days, I feel the need to do a post about rain boots, Wellies, galoshes, puddle jumping, etc. We've had four days of straight rain here on the seacoast and instead of complaining about the lack of sun, I'm embracing it! I even love the frizzy curl thing going on with my hair.
Love it. 

I need to invest in some cute rain boots and have decided to get a cheapo pair (think Marshalls/TJ Maxx lovelies) and then also finally grab these babies I've had my eye on for over a year.

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Kinda pricey but my rule is if I've wanted something for over a year, I get to treat myself to it guilt free! 

Rain boots and a leopard print scarf are on my shopping list.
What's on yours?



Here Kitty Kitty...

I don't know about you, but I've been crushing on all the frisky leopard print I've been spotting (ha, puns) lately.

Here are some ways to wear it without going completely overboard.

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I need to get my paws on a leopard (or is it cheetah?) print scarf, stat. I think it'd help with my husband's adjustment to no longer living in Jersey. Okay, let's be honest, it's purely for selfish reasons. 

Do you have any kitty print in your closets? How do you wear it? 
Add a belt to my list, too.



It's Official.

Just in case you're not a crazy stalker like me and are not familiar with Gus & Ruby's pretty little blog, let me introduce you to Paper Hounds. Here you'll find gorgeous paper, amazing product, helpful little insight into the world of paper, invitations, and weddings, plus all the shenanigans that go on once you step inside their pretty blue storefront.

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Come say hi!



Smelling the Salt Air

Can we just pretend I didn't abandon you for three weeks and just pick up where we left off?
There, that's better.

So... not much has happened. We packed up our New Jersey home, moved up to New Hampshire, started a new job, and began rekindling my love affair with the seacoast. 
No biggie.

 (psst - these pics are all via instagram. If you want to follow along, my name is "youstirme"!)

This is our little neighborhood. I know. You should all come visit. Lobster bib is optional.

(Left to right: Our new digs, a little harbor right around the corner from us, Short Sands Beach in York, ME, and our little neighborhood, again.)

Things I have learned during the past 12 days:

The Gus & Ruby gals are wicked rad.
I forgot how comforting it is to hear other people say "wicked."
I can hear the fog horn from my couch.
Portsmouth is even cooler when you're a resident.
Never judge the 300 pound man in overalls at the bar because he's about to grab the mic and rock out a little Otis Redding. Mind. Blown.
I need to take up running. And fishing. And farmers-marketing.
People are still good. 
Live free or die.

 (Nubble Lighthouse)

But seriously, you should come visit. I need more excuses to check out the amazing restaurants downtown. 

So, what's new in your neck of the woods? Fill me in on everything. 
I've missed you guys.