This board is how I feel today.

I'm running all over the place but still feel cool as a cucumber. 

Feels kinda good.
 (Images 1 (tumblr source so if anyone knows the actual source, spill it!), 2, 3, 4)

What color instantly puts you at ease? A pretty dusty pink does it for me.
Ok, back to running around.



Figgie Shoes

Morning lovelies!
It has been crazy over in these parts and I'm so sorry I've been taking Mondays off recently. But, if we're be honest, it's been glorious! It feels like I'm playing hooky each Monday. But, having one extra day lets me find amazing little gems like these ridiculous hand-painted heels! 


How wonderful would it be to have your wedding shoes a work of art?

I can't believe Deborah (aka Figgie) even painted the little rosettes! 

You can have her paint any shoe. Any. shoe. I just think this is the neatest thing ever. 

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It's like a really pretty tattoo for your shoe. Love it.

Check out all her gorgeous work over at Figgie Shoes. Goodness gracious. 

(pssst, totally not a sponsored post. I just love these shoes. Can you blame me?)



Seeing Off an Old Friend Tomorrow

Enjoy your weekend, you beautiful people.

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*Stirring Around*

Whatever Amanda has up her sleeve, I want to see!

Coming April 2012. Ooooo goody.

When I open up my vintage cafe/craft shop (right? I know.), I want a version of these doughnuts on the menu.

Can't wait to try these paper flowers!

My midtown home is closing its doors tomorrow night after 88 years in business. If you live in the NYC area, you should come pay your respects to Bill's Gay Nineties, 57 E 54th, between Park and Madison.



DIY Sparkly Tissue Paper Pom

Just when you thought the always faithful tissue paper pom couldn't get any better...I had to go and add some sparkle.

As soon as I saw this amazing styled shoot involving some of my tippy top favorite designers and all around creative talents, I was inspired to make something pretty. I especially loved the little tulle flowers on the place cards so I set out to see if that idea would work for tissue paper poms.

And guess what?

It's easy as pie.

Make your traditional tissue paper pom.

Then use some clear glue and dab it all over the edges of the petals.

Sprinkle the glitter! Oh, this is always the fun part. Make sure to sprinkle the glitter over a large piece of paper or something that you can collect all the glitter on for easy clean up.

Once all the glue is covered, shake off the excess glitter and you're done!

It seriously couldn't be any easier. I could have made mine neater, but I did this while I was in the middle of grilling my peaches for dinner the other night. Did you know glitter was edible? (just kidding. please don't eat glitter.) And looks pretty on grilled peaches?

I can imagine a long table filled with these sparkly tissue paper poms as a centerpiece for a wedding or special event. Or just make a few to sprinkle around your home! 

Long live the tissue paper pom.



Polka Dot-ness

I cannot resist a polka dot, especially when it's part of a delightful DIY, sure to warm up any part of your day.

(Image Via)

I shared this last week in my Friday links but com' on, it's a pretty little thing and it deserves a little more time in the spotlight! I love how versatile this is and the colors are terrific.

(Image Via)

Pair some shimmery gold with a bold bright color and you can wine and dine your friends in style.

(Image Via)

Aleah + Nick like to tempt me with their amazing DIYs and this time, they knew the kraft paper was their secret weapon. You have won me over again, Valley & Co.

All this inspiration has got me thinking: what can I polka dot around my apartment? 
Pillows? Dishtowels? Mason Jars? 
Uh oh.



{Try It} Grilled Peach Salad with Buffalo Mozzarella and Arugula

This salad speaks for itself. 
It tastes even better than it looks. 
It goes well with Gin & Tonics. 

Enough said.

(Image Via)

You can check out the easy as pie recipe over on Farmhouse Table, which if you ask me, is my new favorite resource for fresh and inspiring recipes for spring and summer cookin'. I found the recipe and image on Pinterest (pssst, are we friends yet?) and couldn't wait to try it out. I made it last night and paired it with a tropical chicken, spicy corn on the cob, and more than a couple Gin & Tonics. It was heaven. Grilling peaches should be illegal. 

Try it!

Are you addicted to finding dinner on Pinterest like me? Do you tend to pin more dessert ideas than healthy meal ideas? Speaking of which, have you tried the Slutty Brownies yet?



Happy St. Patrick's Day

Enjoy the weekend, you beautiful people.

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*Stirring Around*

I can't even handle these cuties.

Confession: I haven't read any of the Hunger Games books. This styled shoot is making me think I need to get on that.
Hunger Games and styled shoots? I'm on Team Love.

I hesitated sharing this with you due to that turquoise necklace being in limited quantities. But I love you and you'll love this new collection.

Otter-Ball. This one's for you, love.

Polka dot napkins? Yes, I'm doing this DIY.



DIY Tea Tassel

Keeping my promise to celebrate craft month by creating and sharing more DIYs with you, I have another quick and easy project for ya.

Here we go!


A few strips of tissue paper, about 5 x 2 inches.

Fringe scissors (or use regular scissors if you're not in the cool kids club yet. I just got my membership.)

Pretty tape. I used my gold striped Washi! Love it. It'd be one of the items I'd grab in a fire.

Tea bag

Step 1: Fold your lengths of tissue paper in half and cut fringe, leaving about 1/2 inch uncut at the top.

Step 2: Unfold the tissue paper and layer them on top of each other.
It looks like a really festive crab, right? Or something.

Step 3: Roll the fringe layers together. It's okay to delicately pinch the tissue together as you roll. It will create a tighter bundle.

Step 4: Create a loop and adhere with your precious and always faithful Washi tape.

Step 5: Take the tag off the tea bag, thread the string through the tassel loop, and tie. You can always trim your tassel if you like a neater fringe.
Ta da. 
The best part is you can reuse the tassels! When you're done with your tea, simply snip off the string and save the tassel for later.
I think these would be adorable for a bridal shower, especially if it's a tea party theme. How else could you use them, you ask? As Mother's Day gifts! As an amazing detail to your coffee and tea bar at your wedding or any event! 

Or just use them to wow your guests at your next dinner party. 
Here's how the scene would play out:

"Would anyone like some coffee or tea?"
"Oh yes, tea would be lovely. Thank you."

You come back with a little tassel accompanying their tea and all of a sudden fireworks, confetti, and happiness sprinkles are falling all around your guests! 
Instant party maker.
Enjoy your day, lovelies!



{Inspired} Fresh Blooms

I am always surprised how a simple flower placed in a bud vase can completely turn my day around.

(Image Via)

And if gilded bottles are involved, forgetaboutit.

(Image Via)

Feel free to throw in some classics with your buds.

(Image Via)

Beauty at its purest.
 (Image Via)

I hope you're inspired to go out and buy yourself (or pick!) some fresh blooms to fill your day. 
It's just the best thing ever.

Just a little bit of happiness from my sunny craft room. Hope this brightens your day!

Now go. Treat yourself to something sweet and simple today.



Slutty Brownies. Yup.

Hi, lovelies! Hope your weekend was bright, sunny and full of adventures.
Here's one more adventure for ya:

Slutty Brownies.

Nom nom nom.

Originally created by The Londoner (if you're not familiar with this blog, you're going to fall in love) and made extra naughty by Gaby from What's Gaby Cooking, this recipe is down right sinful.

 (Image Via)

Wouldn't these be adorable for a pre or post bachelorette night out? Perhaps the name may not be the best for a baby shower but you could always change it and then serve these at a shower, too! Bump Brownies? That could work.

My husband is forcing me to makes these. Goodness, twist my arm. I'll let you know how they are but I'm guessing you're already on your way out to buy all the ingredients and indulge a bit! 

Head on over to What's Gaby Cooking for all the filthy details.



Happy Feet

Enjoy the weekend, you beautiful people.

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*Stirring Around*

How did I ever miss this wedding? Are you kidding me with those flower girl dresses?!!

Can I have that tissue paper pom installation in my craft room? Thanks.

This stunning bride, Amanda, was the designer responsible for the flower piece on my wedding dress as well as my sister's dress. It only makes sense that Amanda's wedding looks like absolute heaven. That gal knows pretty.
Aaaand Part 2 of Amanda + Nick's wedding. Plus a pretty little film.



DIY: Lucky Milk Glass

Sweet and simple, that's the way I like it. 
In honor of March being National Craft Month, I am thinking of sharing some easy peasy DIYs with you each week. Let's kick this week off (er, end it?) with a really quick and adorable St. Patrick's Day DIY. 
Doily banner optional!

Lucky Milk Glass


Glass bottle

Craft Paint - I used Martha Stewart's paint line in Metallic Yellow Gold

White Gloss Spray Paint


Tape - I ran out of regular tape so I used some Washi tape. Stylin'!

Stencil - I made my own by cutting out a four leaf clover from cardstock. 

Step 1: I used this DIY Milk Glass tutorial that I found on Ruffled. Make sure your jar is clean and use spray paint in a well ventilated area. Do not do this in your tiny apartment's kitchen thinking "well ventilated" means "open a window." 
Go outside, lovelies.
 Spray two even coats and let dry. I let my little jar dry for an hour.

Step 2: Tape your stencil to your jar. Paint away! It's not going to come out perfect because you're painting on a curved surface, but you can always go in afterwards and fix any smudges with a smaller paint brush.

Step 3: Peel off your stencil, fix any smudges, and dance the Irish Jig. You're done. I love a three-step DIY.

I had a lot of smudges. Ah well, you know I love imperfections!

A little St. Patrick's Day inspiration makes me all warm inside. Or it could be the Guinness. 




Aaaand, We're Back,

Miss me? Boy, did I miss you. 
Can we all grab some coffee, sit down, and catch up?
What have you all been up to this past week? Any shenanigans you want to share? Who in New England got hit with the snow last week? I did. And I loved it. 
I thought I'd ease back into blogging by doing a photo dump (a la Lovely Little Details' famous photo dumps) of my little vacation to the farm. 

Oh, and I kind of love my pup. I make no apologies for all the pics of her adorable little face.

(all images via my droid. If you follow me on facebook, you may have seen some of these already!)

I spent the first half of the week all alone with my pup and two cats in the big farmhouse. We had lots of toys to play with but Lilly especially loved the braided knit dog toy I made for her. Thanks to Fab You Bliss for the great tutorial!

Part of "farm sitting" means you get to oversee the fun deliveries throughout the week. The first one was three huge piles of fresh manuer (which Lilly rolled in frequently!) and the second was a delivery of gorgeous new wood to be chopped into firewood. I spent the rest of my trip deamin' up ways to use the woodpile as a backdrop for a wedding.

Dave joined me on the farm for the later half of the trip. Having my husband, my dog, and a big quiet farm all to myself is pure bliss.

Once my parents returned from their trip, we helped my dad tap all the trees around the farm for the sugaring season. Then we all piled in the car and toured one of the biggest maple sugaring operations in the area at Taylor Brothers Sugarhouse and Creamery. We actually sell their products at our farm but they have the cutest gift shop on site where you can watch them boil and bottle the syrup. We got a nice little tasting and picked up some pancake mix and maple sugar cream for a yummy breakfast this coming weekend!

If any brides out there want to have maple syrup or maple sugar candy favors, check out Taylor Brothers Sugarhouse and Creamery. They create custom orders and have a wonderful variety of cute favor containers! Tell them Laura sent ya.

Next time, how 'bout you all join me on the farm so I don't have to be away from you for so long?
There, it's settled.