Bedroom Pop

I feel like I may be the last person on Earth to find out about Joss & Main, but just in case I'm not alone, go check it out! Yes, it's another one of those sites where you have to create an account to access the deals, but so far I think it's worth it. It's not the cheapest place in the world but I'm finding it's good for accent items for the home. 
Let me explain.

Our bedroom is always the one room in the house that gets neglected. I never have energy (or funds) to decorate it the way it deserves after tending to all the other rooms in the house. Our new bedroom has a lot of potential because it has pretty windows and an old fireplace complete with a mantle. It's a bit small with our giant Ikea furniture, so I'm hoping to give it a little pop of color with a new rug and some throw pillows. Look at me going wild.

Here are the pillows I'm coveting big time from Joss & Main. They're on sale right now for $25.95 each so I've decided I can choose a couple and mix them with some graphic print pillows from Target I found in a pretty mustard yellow color.
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Here's the rug I bought from Overstock.com.

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I think this will brighten up the room just enough to make the bedroom feel loved. I'm one of those crazies who think rooms and houses have souls and need to be nurtured every now and then. I also used to name and dress up trees when I was little so perhaps this is the more adult version of that affliction? Either way, I'm going to make you love me, bedroom of ours. 

Have any of you lovelies used Joss & Main? Do you think that colorful anchor pillow is a little too much for someone who lives right next to the ocean? I'm trying to infuse a little nautical decor without being too literal. Oh heck, I love it. It's happening.



  1. I'm on a recent pillow / spice-up-bedrooms rampage myself! I have a ton of fabric that I had planned to one day make a duvet from, but now I'm just going to go crazy making colorful pillows and toss them on our otherwise muted color beds :-)

  2. i seriously love the pillow on the top left!!!

  3. love 'em all except the lower right...that has "what was i thinking?" the anchor pillow is a must!