I'm Doin' It

I swear every time we have a spell of dreary days, I feel the need to do a post about rain boots, Wellies, galoshes, puddle jumping, etc. We've had four days of straight rain here on the seacoast and instead of complaining about the lack of sun, I'm embracing it! I even love the frizzy curl thing going on with my hair.
Love it. 

I need to invest in some cute rain boots and have decided to get a cheapo pair (think Marshalls/TJ Maxx lovelies) and then also finally grab these babies I've had my eye on for over a year.

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Kinda pricey but my rule is if I've wanted something for over a year, I get to treat myself to it guilt free! 

Rain boots and a leopard print scarf are on my shopping list.
What's on yours?



  1. Rainboots are always a smart investment!

  2. How cute are those!! Perfect for the Pacific Northwest AKA.. Mud city

  3. So so cute! I actually splurged and bought burberry ones 2 years ago my senior year in college. They are such great quality and I thought I would treat myself after my law school apps were in (and paid for) I've been wanting another pair because of my move to London and the amount of rain there! These are adorable and I love the bow!

  4. The bows are the perfect touch - love these!