DIY Sparkly Tissue Paper Pom

Just when you thought the always faithful tissue paper pom couldn't get any better...I had to go and add some sparkle.

As soon as I saw this amazing styled shoot involving some of my tippy top favorite designers and all around creative talents, I was inspired to make something pretty. I especially loved the little tulle flowers on the place cards so I set out to see if that idea would work for tissue paper poms.

And guess what?

It's easy as pie.

Make your traditional tissue paper pom.

Then use some clear glue and dab it all over the edges of the petals.

Sprinkle the glitter! Oh, this is always the fun part. Make sure to sprinkle the glitter over a large piece of paper or something that you can collect all the glitter on for easy clean up.

Once all the glue is covered, shake off the excess glitter and you're done!

It seriously couldn't be any easier. I could have made mine neater, but I did this while I was in the middle of grilling my peaches for dinner the other night. Did you know glitter was edible? (just kidding. please don't eat glitter.) And looks pretty on grilled peaches?

I can imagine a long table filled with these sparkly tissue paper poms as a centerpiece for a wedding or special event. Or just make a few to sprinkle around your home! 

Long live the tissue paper pom.



  1. i'd like to invite myself over for crafting and champagne next time i'm home, ok? these are too cute!!

  2. Such a sweet little project :)

  3. lovely project!