Ribbons + Tissue Paper Poms Forever

With happy colors like bright turquoise, pink and yellow, their wedding soars straight to the tippy top of my list.

Who wouldn't want to escape to their own little world surrounded by heart balloons.

Obviously I die for these details. 

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If a roomful of turquoise chiavari chairs is a budget buster for you, then just rent two for you and your hubby! Or refinish two old chairs from a garage sale and paint them any fun color you like! Then you have two perfect keepsakes from your big day.
Ribbons + tissue paper poms forever. And dresser bars. And mason jars + pretty straws. 



  1. Wow, that ribbon canopy is gorgeous. And relatively cheap!!! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. I LOVE this wedding--those bright, blue chairs are perfect!:)

  3. Beautiful colors! It just makes me smile and wish for summer!
    Thanks for sharing these.

  4. This wedding was gorgeous!! I love how colorful it is. :)

  5. Absolutely gorgeous! Love those heart balloons like crazy and the ribbons from the ceiling. Beautiful!

    And I totally agree about chairs...we wound up splurging on chiavari chairs because I thought they were worth it for the visual impact! My sweet husband suggested DIYing two chairs for us. That was two days before our wedding, and I gave him the, "Are you KIDDING me..." face. But, he got serious points for being sentimental enough to suggest it! ;)

  6. This wedding setting had me beaming just looking at the pics! Such a super-cheery scene. :-)

  7. Just found your blog via Rinse.Repeat and I love it! I'm from New England also (Maine, actually but now living in Chicago) and I was supposed to get married in that very barn!! My husband's mom got quite sick and we decided to cancel and scale down the wedding to just twenty people in the backyard. Most days I think it was best that way...until I see all these beautiful pictures. Sigh.

    Regardless, glad to find a fellow New Englander!