Let's Play Catch Up!

My goodness, it's been a while, huh? I certainly missed you all and hope you had the most wonderful holidays with your friends and family! Although I've been a little quiet for the past two weeks I've really loved having some down time to catch up on my favorite blogs (looking right at you!) and ring in the new year.

How about a catch up post?


Before I headed up to the farm, I visited my good friend Becca from Petal Floral Design on her gorgeous blog. Throughout the month of December, Becca rounded up the greatest group of gals (plus her hubby) and asked them to share their reflections on this past year. Check it out and give Becca some lovin'!

And if that wasn't enough, then I was surprised by the greatest gift from my Secret Santa!

It is the sweetest bowl ever! I love love love white dishes, especially if there's a little shimmer inside. Oh, how I love you, Secret Santa. I will only put my prettiest of pretty ribbons in this little bowl. Thank you!

Then came Christmas on the farm. It was so wonderful and so peaceful. And my Dad made Dave and me a dining room table! I can't wait to have the perfect New England home to showcase such a masterpiece. It's handmade from wood found around the farm and I think I'll stain it a nice dark cherry!

 (phone camera pic)

Then I visited my lovely friend, Kate from Heart Full of Daisies and shared my Fair Isle crush I've been guilty of for quite some time. Kate, I love the sweater you wore for your Christmas party!

Phew, almost done.

We rung in 2012 with family and friends at our favorite piano bar in NYC. If you lovelies are ever in the city and want a good time, head to Bill's Gay Nineties and tell them Laura sent ya.


(Please excuse the poor video quality and weird zooming. I think I was trying to find some friends in the crowd.)

I spent the rest of the New Year's weekend watching movies, football (Oh, Pats), and putting off that silly diet thing till later. Oh, and I sat back and admired some pretty flowers Dave gave me and decided my New Year's resolution would be to finally learn how to arrange flowers. Goodness, I need help.

 How is 2012 treating you lovelies so far?  



  1. oh my gosh, that table! that table! so amazing and sentimental too. sounds like you had an amazing holiday but i sure am glad to have you back! :)

  2. OH. MY . GOD. What a GORGEOUS table! and what a SWEET idea!!! i hear ya on the time to reflect. Great to see you back! Glad to hear you had great holidays lady :)

  3. Sounds like a wonderful holiday season-that table is just AMAZING!! I'm with Jacin-it's so great to have you back!