DIY Dance Floor Tutorial

Hi lovelies!

Today I thought I'd share a DIY tutorial that is the number one request I've received from tons of brides over the past year and a half since our wedding landed on Style Me Pretty.

Our DIY Dance Floor
My fiance and father sort of made this up as they went along and never really wrote down each little step. I apologize for the basic tutorial and lack of pictures but hopefully you can get the gist. 

- 8 standard size pieces of 3/4" thick plywood (we had 140 guests so we figured this would be a good size. Finished it was 16'x16').

- Frame each piece underneath with 2x4s (laid flat) and offset on each side. Put in two cross braces for support on each piece.

 (beers are optional but recommended.)

- Tricky part: You need to plan out the placement of each piece of plywood and offset the 2x4s accordingly so the plywood fits together like a puzzle when all the plywood pieces are together. When put together, make sure everything is flush.

- We then drew a checkerboard pattern and painted the squares a cream and coffee color.
It took an entire afternoon to make and then my mom and sister laid out the checkerboard pattern using chalk lines. One coat of primer, two coats of paint later and it was finished. 
The only problem we had was the terrain was not even when we put it together the day before the wedding. We had to shimmy one of the boards so it lay even with the others - no biggie though!
 It held up throughout the entire night and everyone was so impressed with the gorgeous detail! 



  1. I'd make this for myself regardless. Who wouldn't want a dance floor?... and a disco ball

  2. Hooray for fiance (now hubby!) and father. Great job!

  3. this is so great, how did i miss it before? love it.

  4. This is pretty damn amazing. I'm so glad you shared the project!

  5. this is amazing, love it! what did you do with it afterwards? I hope it's in your apartment, or your barn, or something :)

  6. Did you price out renting one as opposed to buying the materials for your finished product? How did that work out?

  7. Did you use a nail gun? Glue? Or screws to put it together???

  8. Did you use a nail gun? Glue? Or screws to put it together???

    1. We used heave duty screws:) they definitely worked!

  9. Is this transportable or do you have to have it built at the location?

  10. We did our own based on your description and photos. It turned out great! My daughter will re-use the plywood to add a floor to her attic, and we'll use the 2x4's for other projects. I am so glad that I found your article. It was an inspiration that helped us so much with our event!

  11. How much did this end up costing approximately?