'Tis the Season

As I pack up my mittens, furry boots, and cozy pjs and get ready for Christmas on the farm with 
 my family and loved ones, 
 I want to wish you all 
A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday Season! 

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May your days be merry and bright.



A Special Christmas Guest

 This year, we are lucky to have a good friend of ours and fellow farm staff member (also our artist-in-residence who creates our corn mazes each year!) joining us for Christmas. It's a new tradition we've started in the last couple of years and I absolutely love it! It's so nice to have family and friends for the holidays, don't you think? He brings pickled goodies from his backyard and encourages us to take a nice Christmas hike after presents and dinner instead of curling up in front of the TV to watch A Christmas Story (again!). He's such a welcomed addition to our little Christmas on the farm so I wanted to make him a little something this year. I spotted this wonderful DIY from Christy of One Handspun Day over on Green Wedding Shoes and fell in love. Last year my mom made him a red silk cowboy shirt to replace the one he had lost years before and loved so much. Although this gift is no red silk cowboy shirt, it's certainly something he'll enjoy and hopefully feel like he's part of the family. 

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You can find all the details and simple directions right here. I used the free design Christy made because I'm not very creative in the drawing department! It is such a lovely design and I think it ties in nicely with my wrapping theme this year!

He always drinks coffee or tea so I thought these would be a nice addition to his collection. I included some local sweets from New Jersey (salted caramels, peanut brittle, pumpkin butter, and a herb dip mix) and bundled it up in pretty wrapping. Giving something homemade is just the best. 

If you've been looking for something extra to make for your loved ones last minute, this is super easy! I think the porcelain pen was under $4 and you can find affordable white porcelain mugs at TJ Maxx/Marshalls/Home Goods, etc. Plus, it's so fun to think of all the creative designs you could do! How about making your own version of the popular Anthropologie monogrammed mugs? Those are next on my list.

5 more days!



Secret Santa

I need your help, lovelies.

The most wonderful gift arrived at my front door from my Secret Santa. But who can it be from?!

It must be someone quite clever and crafty because they made the amazing red bow AND knew I loved that print so much that I cover my phone in it every day. 

They also must know I LOVE candles, especially around this time of year. Crimson Pear Ginger? Oh, goodness, it's heaven.

I lit it right away. It fits in nicely with our little tree.

So who do you think is my sneaky little Santa?

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I have absolutely no clue!
I'm in awe of this list of amazing bloggers who could potentially be my Secret Santa. Real talent, folks. Real talent. Go give them some love and while you're there, do some poking around to see if you can dig up some clues.



A Christmas Delivery

Enjoy the weekend, you beautiful people.

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*Stirring Around*

Sparkle and neon. Joy to the World, indeed.
 That'll teach those creepy new My Little Ponies.
Can you imagine coming upon something like this while out for a stroll?

Cookie cutters are your best friends this time of year.

This outfit would totally be something I'd put together for watching a movie under a cozy blanket.

8 more days till the farm and all it's joy.



Can't Get Enough

Currently crushing on (again)...

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I just can't help myself with all the goodies this little place has to offer. I haven't ordered anything yet (mostly because it's Christmas time and I have buyer's guilt) but after the new year, these items are calling my name. I think first on my list is that amazing pair of boots. Hello, gorgeous. How adorable would that sparkly dress be for New Year's? And then the next day you can lounge around in that wrap sweater and your favorite pair of comfy pants. I'd probably still have those earrings on from the night before, though! Of course, these items would make a wonderful gift for any one of your favorite ladies on your list! Except those boots, those are mine. Hands off.

(Sponsored post? Pfft, nope, just love these guys!) 



DIY Whimsical Glittery Trees

What do you get when you combine a love of sparkle and a need for some extra holiday decor?

Why, Whimsical Glittery Trees, of course!

I saw this tutorial on HGTV and modified it just a tad. Here's what you'll need:

A cone: I had a Styrofoam cone laying around but you can always make one out of paper ( I did this for the smaller tree)

Strips of paper: Measure the length according to your cone. My strips were about 1.5 x 12"



Cut little slits into your strips. If you have fringing scissors this will be much faster. I think I may be getting some from Santa this year! 

Place a layer of glue all around the bottom of the cone for the first strip.

Adhere the first strip. It doesn't need to be perfect since you'll be layering more strips on top of it. Nothing needs to be perfect with this project! The more imperfections the better, right Charlie Brown?

Keep gluing and layering more fringe strips as you continue up the tree.

I like to fluff up the fringe as I go along but you can wait until the tree is all finished to fluff away.

Since I had a flat surface on top of my Styrofoam cone, I made a little rosette topper
Here's how!

Cut a strip of paper about 12" long and fold in half lengthwise. Cut little slits in it.

Roll it up, pinwheel style. You'll start to see the pretty rosette shape take place.

Glue the end and then glue it to the top of your tree. A pretty pom pom or any fun topper of your own would look wonderful, too!

I created a little wintry scene in my craft room using craft snow, glittery letters I'm using for gift tags this year, ornaments and other embellishments I found laying around.

For the presents, I wrapped up little Legos and tied them with bakers twine!

I promised Dave I'd put the Legos back after Christmas.

And then I had fun with editing. Wouldn't this make a pretty Christmas card? I think so.

I was watching the clay animated Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer the other night and was inspired by the scene in the beginning where the little animals decorate the trees in the forest. I couldn't rest until I made a little wintry scene of my own.
 See? Inspiration is everywhere!



Ruche: A Homemade Holiday

Today is all about finishing my Christmas shopping so I can wrap each little gift up and put it under the tree! We got our tree over the weekend and it looks so lonely without any pretty presents underneath. Plus, I've completely committed to doing this with each present, so I need all the time I can get. I was plotting my online shopping route last night and found myself magically on Ruche (funny how that always seems to happen); have you guys browsed through their "Homemade Holiday" guide? It's full of amazing DIYs, fashion and yummy holiday desserts. 
So in other words, it's heaven.

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I love when I think I'm all done with my holiday crafting and then I come along inspiration like the glitter votives and burlap wreaths. I guess I know what I'll be doing after all the wrapping is done!
What are you lovelies up to today? How are you doing on the holiday shopping?



Take a Bow

Yesterday I was watching Martha (shocker) and she had a segment involving how to tie the perfect bow, much like the one she said you'd find on a Tiffany's box. You know, the kind that unties with one single pull? She then remarked, in only the way Martha can, that not many people get to open Tiffany boxes, so maybe that wasn't the best reference. Oh, Martha. Even though I've only opened one Tiffany box in my life (totally not complaining), my experience of pretty bows comes from opening all the gorgeous wrapping from my family and friends who seem to have perfected the delightful bows. 
I have not. 
This year, I'm setting out to finally learn how. And although I certainly don't judge the content of your character based on how well you can tie a bow, I do find it a skill I admire in people. 
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You can find a great tutorial here. I'm not going to lie, I've watched this more than once. And, I also think it's a little less confusing than the tutorial on Martha yesterday. There, I said it.

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(this is not the "Tiffany bow"!)

In this tutorial, they give you the secret to finishing the perfect bow: Fold your bow tails back in and place a dot of glue underneath to secure the fold. Brilliant. Just brilliant.

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Alright, Martha, I'll give you this one. I'll definitely be trying this simple bow the next time I have a cute little box to wrap!

Do you lovelies have the gift of bow tying? 
Or do you just slap a pre-made bow on it and call it a day?
Of course, there are so many easy alternatives to bows out there; getting creative with your packages is half the fun, I think!



{Inspiration} Clear Ball Ornaments

Six years ago when my husband and I got our first Christmas tree together and were able to buy a bunch of ornaments together to start our collection, Dave bought a set of clear balls. I hated them. I used to hide as many as I could in the back of the tree along with his Dunkin Donuts ornament. But bless his little heart, he loved his clear ball ornaments so much so last year I decided to finally give them some love by filling them up with anything I could find: Legos, dried flowers, tinsel, and greenery. And wouldn't you know it, I'm now in love with them.

When you're right, babe, you're right. 

We have a few empty ones that I want to play around with this year so I rounded up some inspiration for making any clear ball ornament an instant gem.

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Ha! We could cover them all altogether with some pretty fabric and trimmings!

(Images Via

More and more I'm crushing on bright color schemes for Christmas and these easy peasy paint swirl ornaments from Sherry over at Young House Love are right up my alley.

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If my need for an ambitious DIY comes knocking, this terrarium is right at the top of my list.

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Ok, this is definitely happening. Love these ideas for a DIY snow globe from Valley & Co. and Craftberry Bush! So many endless possibilities for a gal and her clear ornaments.

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See comment above regarding a bright color scheme for Christmas. Simply add vibrant rubber bands and you're in business.

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Hmmm, Martha, you make a very convincing case for filling the balls with glitter. But then again, these etched glass ornaments would make a lovely present for someone special on my list.
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And then there's this idea that just warms my heart. Keeping this idea for after the holidays as well!  

So fess up: 
Do you sneak the ugly ornaments to the back of the tree like I do? Or, are you like my mom and put your kindergarten glitter pine cone that has lost all it's glitter and has been eaten by mice front and center for all to see?