Boogity Boogity Boo!

Happy Halloween!

To spook up our place for this eerie time of year, I thought I'd use this DIY Yarn Ball tutorial and make some ghoulish votive holders. Well...it turned out pretty darn foolish instead.

I had planned to cut each yarn ball in half to create a little bowl for my candle (as seen on the left), but I wasn't impressed with how it turned out in the end.

So, I decided to keep them in their original form. 

(sorry for the silly phone pic!)

I placed them on top of the scariest looking books I could find (Devil in the White City, a creepy book about angles, and Brothers Grimm), added some fall decor, tea lights, and a crow for good measure. 
I get the shivers just sitting next to it on the couch.

Wishing you all a terrifying night tonight!



Stripes + Biscuits

Enjoy the weekend, you beautiful people.

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*Stirring Around*

Just found this blog last night and am loving every little bit of her running, life, and blogging adventures!

Getting married is pure bliss, right Michelle?

I can't even afford kids clothes at Anthropologie.

Speaking of Anthropologie, who's jealous of Victoria's new job? Me!

This gives me courage to do the same in my house one day.

We have a wedding and a haunted maze at the farm this weekend. And I'm in Jersey. Booo.



DIY Lace Pumpkin

So, this might be the most amazing thing I've seen all week.

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Simply pull out that old pair of holey lace stockings you've been holding on to for some reason and cover your pretty white pumpkin! How adorable would it look with a row of mini lace pumpkins lined up on your mantle? I bet you could make them using just one leg's worth of lace. This tutorial uses lace fabric which I suppose would work just fine, too. You could get really creative and use all kinds of colored lace but I think I like the idea of weeding out your hosiery drawer and seeing what happens.

Feeling a little mischievous today? Check out this little lace action!



The Thank You Jar

November is right around the corner which in our house means one thing...

The Thank You Jar.

It's a little tradition I stole from my favorite home DIYers, the Petersiks, from Young House Love. It debuted last year in my 20th (yup, I counted) blog post and it was quite fun. The idea is to each write something you're thankful for each day and then read the little notes after Thanksgiving. Once the Huz warmed up to the idea, it became pretty entertaining.

Here's the only problem: The Thank You Jar has a new home.

Looks like I'll have to find a new home for my ribbons. 

It's fun to start new traditions together, no? 
What traditions do you love in your family? Any that I can steal?



I Like Shoes

There are a ton of things that I'm uncertain of in this world. 
This is not one of them.
I'm certain I need these puppies.

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And now for a really fun game of "Would You or Wouldn't You?"

(Images Via)

I'm not really sure what I'm looking at here.
I also have no idea if I like them or not. Would you try these on just for fun? 
I'm sure if I saw them on someone else then I'd love them. 
So what do you think? 
Would you or wouldn't you?
And why does ModCloth's item descriptions always get me?

In the mood for some more shoe fun? Check out these "spot on" babies!



Simple DIY Invite

Good Morning lovelies! How was everyone's weekend?
We showed my sister a good time in North Jersey this weekend. Shopping (at one point she said "I think I have enough sparkle on, Laura." Never!), manicures, way too much pasta, and as always, a fun night at my favorite piano bar in the city
What did you all do? Any last minute costume shopping for Halloween? I think you should all send me pictures of your costumes next week. We're not really sure what we're doing yet for Halloween, but if I have to dress up, I'm going to be Rachel Zoe so I can wear a little fur, big sunnies and red lipstick.
Ohmygod. It's everything.

Anyways, on to today.

I thought I'd share another sneak peak of that supper in the orchard I designed for my family a few weeks ago. I'm working on a little submission elsewhere so I can't reveal too much, but here's the invite I made and had delivered wrapped in a little blue box with a pink flower on top.

I love that it's so imperfect. I had a hard time making the font fit and I have yet to figure out how to perfectly punch my way around a piece of paper using one of those Martha Stewart craft punches. I'm working on it, Martha. But, my parents loved it (don't all parents love their kid's art work?) and were really able to relax and have a good time that night.

Can't wait to show you more!



Orange Teacups

Enjoy the weekend, you beautiful people.

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*Stirring Around*

Aaa, hurry! This Plum Pretty Sugar giveaway ends today!

Pretty much in love with that bracelet. And you could win it! Go here.

Fabric drawer pull. Brilliant.

Starting my Christmas list. This is #1.

I think next year I'm going to set up an inspiration corner in our farm's retail barn simply so I can make one of these.



Cheeky Flowers

To be brutally honest, I was thinking of not blogging today. My sister is coming into town tomorrow and you'd think I hadn't cleaned our place in years. Pigpen Chic isn't catching on? No? 
Plus, the girls at True Event have inspired me to get back into running so I was going to take a personal health day away from blogging and see what happened. 
Well, Pinterest happened. You win again, Pinterest.
But seriously, how could you resist this little gem?

As soon as I saw this idea, I thought it would make an adorable bridal shower or even a bachelorette (how does one spell that word, spell check?) present. Instead of using a napkin, fold sexy (or dainty, cute, joke) lingerie up in a pretty dish or tea cup. Add some millinery leaves or other accents and you've got yourself some gorgeous table decor! 

(Images Via)

I think it's just darling.
You can find the rosette napkin folding tutorial right here!

Alright, off to go see about that run. 
Hope you all have a lovely day!



Festive Favor Boxes

You know those DIYs you spy that make you giddier than you probably should be?
Here's one I found yesterday on Bijoux Bride that absolutely rocked my socks.

Flags and polka dots. Say no more.

And material you probably already have laying around. Fantastic.

Imagine all the adorable ways you could use this little favor box idea! Wouldn't this be a fun idea for place cards at the Thanksgiving table? Or the kids table? Or right now at your desk, just because? Or a wedding? Definitely a wedding.

Head over to Bijoux Bride for the full tutorial and let me know if you make these!



All Hallows Eve Wedding

I'll admit, I'm never really one for themed weddings, but for some reason I couldn't stop thinking about a Halloween inspired wedding last night. I'm not even a fan of Halloween, but this year, it's seeped into me and I just can't fight it anymore. I think there are plenty of gorgeous ways to create an All Hallows Eve inspired wedding without covering your cake in spiders and skulls and giving each of your guests a witches hat as a favor. But if that's your speed, go right ahead! I'll rock that witches hat, happily.

(Image Via)

I have yet to meet anyone who has not fallen in love with this wedding after seeing it last year. Rhi, the insane talent behind Hey Gorg Events, used beautiful black lace in a bunch of her details. Perfectly chic. Imagine using this idea around candles, vases, bouquets, or even around the boutonnieres.

 (Image Via)

This DIY couldn't be easier or more budget friendly. I'm thinking about making these and lining my doorsteps with them for trick-or-treaters!

(Image Via)

Love the muted palette using traditional Halloween colors.

(Image Via)

Remember this wedding? I feel like I'm always going to feature images from this Halloween wedding. The use of black and white stripes gets me every time.

(Image Via)

And can we talk about her bridesmaids? Which dress is your favorite? Mine is the white (silver?) dress, third one in from the right.

 (Image Via)

Love the mixture of pumpkins, gourds and flowers. Wouldn't this make for a fun twist on a Thanksgiving tablescape? Hmmm...

(Images Via 1 + 2)

Crows seem to be very big this season and are the perfect accent to add a touch of whimsical eeriness to your tables. I even put one in my craft room.

(Image Via)

Absolutely love the idea of creating feather garlands for a Halloween inspired wedding. 

(Image Via)

Why not end your night with a dessert table full of yummy sweets! These inside out caramel apple wedges would even be perfect for the cocktail reception!

So, have I convinced you that a Halloween inspired wedding can be spooky and chic? I think the black lace, striped ribbons and feathers have won me over.



A TRUE-ly Great Day

Oh boy, oh boy! I am so excited it's Monday because I finally get to tell you some big news! You're all familiar with the amazing wedding design and planning talent that is True Event, right? They're the ones responsible for this impossibly perfect New England wedding and this darling rustic chic affair. They're also just the cutest group of ladies with a flair for the pretty things in life. My kind of gals. 

And... (drumroll)... I just joined the team!

I couldn't be more excited. I'm going to be helping them with weekly blogging which means my brain will be buzzing with gorgeous weddings, sexy shoes, tasty wine, and inspiring details all day long! I even put on my running shoes in honor of the True team today ( I hear a couple of them may run a mile or two here and there)! 

(Image Via)

You should put on your running shoes, too, and sprint over to True Event's blog to check out all the lovely. You might see me there.

On your mark, get set...go!



Berry Good

Enjoy the weekend, you beautiful people.

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*Stirring Around*

If you need something to do today, here ya go. All my little lovelies in one place.

Nothing makes me happier than an Autumn EGlossy filled with stylish ideas for every day living.

All caught up and just waiting for Christmas when Santa might leave a little Photoshop shaped present under the tree.

Would really like to make it to this party across the river. Anyone else?

The bride's veil blew off into the lake during these stunning pictures. It's all about letting go on your wedding day, right?



Hunter Boots = Today's Obsession

On rainy days like today, I like to curl up with a big book and sip hot tea slap on some cute jeans, a rugged oversized sweater and splash around in puddles. But first, I need some boots. 

(Image Via)

Red is adorable and makes a really fun statement with any outfit.

(Images Via 1 + 2)

But then again, the muted colors look so cozy.

(Images Via 1 + 2)

I'm so torn.

(Image Via)

And sold. 

Or maybe not. I really love the navy ones but the red ones scream "a good time in the rain." My boots would be for more than just fashion and making sure I looked cute when caught in a rain storm; I'd break them in working on the farm with my pup (who looks like the cutie above)!
Which ones would you choose?



Couple's First Holiday

This time of year, with the holidays fast approaching, (I'm the person who gets giddy when I see Christmas decorations pop up in October. I know.) I start to gather ideas for pretty wrappings, DIY ornaments and decor. Last year, I wanted to find a way to celebrate our first Christmas as a married couple. I got a little lazy and just crumbled up some of our dried wedding flowers and put them in a clear glass ball ornament. But wouldn't it be nice to take one element from your big day and incorporate it into your first Christmas together? Do you even still care at that point? 
I still did. 

(Image Via)

Make a garland! Use your old invitations and combine them with pretty holiday colors to create a garland to brighten up your first year together.

(Image Via)

Or cut your invitation into little ribbons and curl them up in a clear glass ornament. 
This looks much better than ours.

(Image Via)

Or keep it simple and snap some cute pics of you two love birds decorating your first tree together.

Either way, you better be enjoying some adult egg nog and chowing down on whatever sweets you just brought back from the office party. 

So how about it? Did you or will you find a way to celebrate your first holiday season together?

And, I'm so sorry for talking about December already. I promise I still love you, Halloween. 



Dusty Sparkle

Morning lovelies! Thanks for letting me take the day off yesterday. The Huz had the day off so I decided I could go ahead and take it off, too. A couple who takes days off together, stays together. Or in our case, washes cars, cleans the house, contemplates about getting pizza but makes fajitas instead, and watches a movie instead of Monday Night Football. How was your Columbus Day? I hope you were one of the lucky ducks who got it off!

(insert witty transition)

So, I was thinking about what color palette I would have used if I had a fall wedding instead of a summer one. I love dusty teal, rustic textiles, bold prints and just a hint of sparkle. Mmmm, maybe more than just a hint.

(Images Via 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)

Yup, it would most likely look just like those bottles and that cake. And why stop at fall? You could use this palette for a winter, spring and summer wedding! Dusty teal and sparkle will do that to you. 

So how was everyone's weekend? 
Did you spend it outside raking leaves and making one too many stops for a pumpkin spiced latte?  



Enjoy the weekend, you beautiful people.

*Stirring Around*

Hip Hip for Sandra Downie's new Pretty Little Party Shop!

Anyone who has baby kittens at their wedding is a winner in my book.

Besides feeling uber chic, I think wearing a cape would be pretty cozy, no?

How cool would these look on a pretty bar display at a fall wedding?

I feel like I've spent months looking for non-see-through black leggings just to complete this look. Any ideas?

Oh, my friends, this is one giveaway from Postcards & Pretties you won't want to miss! The Blueprint from Valley & Co? Yes please.