Bon Voyage

And I'm outta here. Dominican Republic, here I come. Last time I visited your pretty shores I was helping out at an orphanage and batting off cockroaches from my mosquito netting each morning. 
This time I hope to wake up and do nothing all day.

Can't wait. 

Here's to blue skies, fruity drinks, white sand and the most beautiful wedding day for Lara + Will.

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I'll miss you, lovelies! Watch over this little place for me while I'm gone!



Island Time

Oh my goodness, lovelies, two more days until I hop a plane to the Dominican Republic to celebrate a very special marriage between these two lovebirds. As a treat, I thought I'd invite you all to my own destination wedding, happening right now! I know, crazy. I never pictured getting married anywhere else besides the farm, but if I had, I'm pretty sure a beachside wedding in some far off place would be at the top of my list. 
Here's what I imagine it would look like:

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You'll want to check "yes" on this RSVP and make sure to pack some sunscreen.

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The perfect setting for a rehearsal dinner or some welcome cocktails as soon as you step off the plane.

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Take in the sights and make sure to say hi to all the local pups!

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To kick off the wedding day festivities, we'll all gather on the beach for some refreshments and photos.

Oh my goodness, I forgot to show you my dress! You'll have to excuse me, I'm on island time.

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How could you not?

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The lovely ladies will rock some ruffly white dresses (hi, Steph! Told ya I loved your wedding.)

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We'll all dine on the sand and just as the sun goes down, we'll stand up in the middle of our loved ones and say our vows.

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You know I'll have to have some pink, yellow and turquoise tucked into the details.
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At the end of the night we'll sneak away on a candlelit path.

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While the rest of you lovelies relax the night away.

Why didn't I have a destination wedding again? 
Would you ever celebrate your big day in a place far far away? 
Tempting, isn't it?



5 More Days, My Friends

Enjoy the weekend, you beautiful people.

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*Stirring Around*

Too much beauty (the ladies, the dresses, the setting...) to handle in this wedding.
You may find some useful and inspiring ideas on pages 38-39 (and check out the rest of the issue for some jaw dropping pretty!)
I'll let you guess which image is my favorite. Ok, a hint: It involves a toddler and a chicken
I can't wait till I have an excuse to plan a cute little ice cream parlour party like this one.

I didn't know a cake display on a dresser could make me cry.


I Feel Pretty Friday

Well, what the heck? I had no idea yesterday was National Pink Day. My deepest apologies to the color pink for not giving it a day of honor. I'll see your "National Pink Day" and raise you "National Pink Ruffle Day!"

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If you all felt extra pretty and girly when you woke yesterday, now you know why. 
I'll catch ya next time, National Pink Day.



Easy Peasy Napkin Rings

Currently loving:

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So simple it's almost insulting. 
Grab some string, some fun adornments, or even throw in some tags with your guests' names scribbled across the front. 

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Then there's good ol' Martha showing off. I do love using ribbons and lace for just about anything so these napkin rings float my boat! 

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I used this cover button idea for our wedding napkin rings and actually had a lot of fun making 170 of them! Or I bet you could find some tree bark and glue each piece into a napkin ring. 

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This is my tippy top favorite idea. I love how versatile a braided napkin ring can be! If you want to get really fancy, follow this tutorial I found via Skip to my Lou (psst, it's a lot easier than it looks!)



Sarah + Bret's Delightful DIY Wedding

 I had complete and utter butterflies when the lovely Jessica Hannon of Jessica Hannon Photography sent me these photos from Sarah + Bret's wedding. Oh, to be a guest at this wedding! All the details were completely handmade by the darling couple with the help of their friends and family. This wedding was truly a labor of love and you can tell everyone who attended could feel just how special this day was for Sarah + Bret.

From the talented Jessica Hannon:
Their wedding day was truly perfect in every way. The weather started out a bit rainy in the morning, but cleared up just in time for the grass to dry for the ceremony. I had the pleasure of spending the morning with the ladies as they had their hair and makeup done while my assistant, Jay Runquist, joined the fellas for breakfast at SeƱor Grubby’s to capture the morning events. The ceremony was held at a park that overlooked the Pacific Ocean in Carlsbad California. To be quite honest, their ceremony was so beautiful I had a hard time choking back the tears. The way they celebrated their faith and devotion to one another was moving.

The reception was held at Bressi Ranch, not too far from the ceremony site. I nearly jumped for joy when I arrived at the reception to see how much heart they put into every little detail. They had a coffee bar, donuts in old dresser drawers, a candy bar, their engagement photos hanging from twine, several types of desserts, a words of wisdom tree, and the list goes on and on!

The entire day was beautiful, filled with love and celebration. I couldn’t have had more fun with Sarah & Bret on their wedding day and feel truly blessed to have been apart of the beginning of their journey together as Mr. & Mrs. Theis! Congratulations Sarah & Bret!

 Dying yet? I am. Wait, here's more.

 I love how the bridesmaids' dresses played off of the groomsmen's pop of pink in their boutonnieres. 
Just perfect.

All of the flowers were designed by a friend from their congregation. I think these beauties add just the right amount of color and whimsy, don't you?

Guests were treated to a coffee bar, candy bar and a table filled with donuts! Yes, please.

Frame worthy, indeed.

Are you passed out on the floor, too? I'll go ahead and pick myself up so I can give tons of hugs to Jessica Hannon for letting me feature such a stunning affair. Head over to her website to see her feature of Sarah + Bret's wedding and find out more details behind their adorable story. And if that wasn't enough, the always inspiring Lauren of Every Last Detail has some more pretty from Sarah + Bret's big day here and here

You lovelies are in for a treat.



I've Been Expecting You

Oh, hi Summer. I've been waiting for you to officially arrive. Won't you please come in and put your feet up.

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Welcome early morning walks on the beach, lemonade on the front porch, popsicles for lunch, fresh lobster for dinner and the smell of salt air lingering all around me.
You have always been my favorite.

What have you lovelies been waiting to do this summer?



Summer Sweets

Mmm, summer. I love you. Especially your summer nights spent sitting around a campfire, toasting s'mores and laughing with friends. I wish all of my lovelies could get together one night and do just that - how 'bout it?

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I think this s'more-gasbord (oh yes I did) of sweets put together by Jillian of Cornflake Dreams is the perfect distraction from my diet. I sent this recipe for the s'mores bars (pictured in the middle) to my husband hoping he'd veto the dessert but no such luck. Looks like I might be making those bad boys this week. Bathing suit season? Ha. What bathing suit season?

Have you ever made a s'mores dessert? Or do you stick to the classic design of Hershey's, marshmallow and graham crackers?