I Love My Farmgirl Spirit: Spread [Your] Love Project

 Hi lovelies! I'm participating in a wonderful project called Spread [your] Love. Check out all the info below and come join us! It's all about lovin' yourself - and what's better than that, right?

 I love myself. Three simple words, that unfortunately in today’s world are seldom heard. We are always trying to fix those little problems that we think are wrong with us rather than embracing what the universe has blessed us with. You should love yourself whether you are tall or short, or thick or thin...remember that you are beautiful.

To help spread this message and help every woman realize her true beauty, Victoria Hughes of Garden of Eden Designs and Lindsay of Scenic Glory, have asked their fellow bloggers, designers, crafters, and writers to come together and share why they love themselves. And I am here to join in on their project. We as a community should show that all shapes and sizes are beautiful. It is our spirits that should shine through.
I myself love my farmgirl spirit. I was born and raised on an apple farm in NH and completely took it for granted in my younger years. Even though I grew up in the country, I was the only one of my friends who lived on a farm; I never thought it was "cool" to be a farmgirl. Nowadays, within the first ten minutes of meeting someone, you can usually hear me talking about growing up in the country and telling stories about my days as a good ol' farmgirl. 
And now, I ask you to join in on our project. We are declaring the week of June 1st through June 8th Spread [your] Love week, and we want to know why you love yourself. So take a photo of yourself with a sign and let us know why in a post. Help spread [your] love and promote positive body image for all our girls out there. And once your post is up, go link up with Victoria here. Your self-love post will remain there for the rest of the year to encourage others to love themselves as well.

Participating? Grab the badge below to encourage others to get involved and spread [their] love!




DIY, You Say?

Hi lovelies! Just poppin' in on this Memorial Day to let you know to head over to The White Library and check out my DIY Rustic Chic Napkin Holder if you get a chance. It's simple, budget friendly and can be used in oh so many ways!

I'm off to go have some fun in the sun and enjoy some barbecuing! Enjoy the rest of the long weekend and tune in tomorrow for a very special project with some lovely bloggers!



They're Coming...

Enjoy the wicked awesome, totally fantastic and hopefully sun-filled holiday weekend, you beautiful people.

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*Stirring Around*

Ok, seriously, stop with all the amazingness.

I feel like I'm always saying this, but I really wish I lived out in the Bay Area, simply because of awesome events like this one.

I don't know if this picture makes me wish I was pregnant or a photographer more.

If I had not been stubborn and made a rain plan for our wedding, this would have been it.


I Feel Pretty Friday

Today's pretty is not a dress at all but just the loveliest packaging I've ever seen. The natural materials, the frilly flowers and a bit of hand stamped goodness is all it takes to send me into complete butterflies.

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I love the idea of having a matted business card. I'm finalizing my design and this inspiration just made the list!



Move Over Vera...(Ok, just for today, bestie!)

My newest love: Saja, by designer Yoo Lee.

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Stunning, feminine, whimsical, and heavenly, right?

A good friend of mine is having a seaside wedding next weekend and these breezy beautiful dresses are getting me in the mood for some romance under the sun. 

Which one is your favorite? 
I think I'm in love with the last dress. It's supposed to be a bridesmaid dress but I say brides can wear whatever they want. No rules, no worries.



Sweet on Martha

You know I love my Martha, so I totally know this is a bit biased, but how fantastic is this candy themed bridal shower?

A gumball garland? Oh, yes please. I'll make this for birthdays, for Christmas, for weddings, for showers, and for Wednesdays. I think every Wednesday needs some cheering up. 

I could eat that party invite right up.

If Martha needed me to help out, I would have signed up to make that candy heart picture. A pink one for the picture, a pink one for me...a pink one for the picture, a pink one for me.

(Images Via)

The favors are my favorite. I used to live for the sleepovers where my friend and I would dine on ring pops for breakfast. Oh, childhood.

If you haven't already, head over to Martha Stewart Weddings to see more of this sweet bridal shower, hosted by my future boss, Darcy.



My Favorite Combo

Oh my lovelies, I am sick as a dog today (does anyone actually understand that expression?). I have been spending the day on the couch, half watching TV and half looking through Pinterest for some healthy snack ideas. I just started the same fitness boot camp I did last spring to prepare for our wedding so now I'm trying to eat well and eat more consciously. Not that these are the healthiest snacks around but look what I stumbled across:

Kind of hard to resist, right?

The worst (or is it the best?) part is I already have all the ingredients. Chocolate is good for you in small doses, especially when surrounded by what might be my favorite fruit of all time. Totally.

(Images Via)

Chocolate heals everything. I'm hoping it'll fix this sickness so I can get back to boot camp tomorrow. But for now, I hear a couch calling my name. Enjoy your day, loves!

Do you have any healthy snacks you'd like to share? Really, I'm just asking you for snacks that involve chocolate but you can send me some with celery if you must. 



Freshly Picked from Mr. McGregor's Garden

As most of you lovelies know by now, I grew up on a fruit farm in NH. That means I also grew up with a huge pot of something always cookin' on our big cast iron wood stove - raspberry or strawberry jam, apple butter or maple syrup is what you always smell when you walk into our house. Not a bad way to live, right? I've grown to be a bit of snob when it comes to these things which thrills me to pieces! So, it should also come as no surprise that I absolutely flipped when I came across these shots of the Green Briar Jam Kitchen, located in Sandwich, MA, and captured by the insanely talented and super sweet photographer, Stacey Hedman. Green Briar Jam is made using all the original recipes and methods they used back when the kitchen opened in 1903. It gives me chills just thinking about jamming in such a lovely place.

The turquoise, the bright light, the old pots, the ladles all hung up perfectly - it's so inviting. They also offer jam making classes here!

And, I'm sure it's against code, but isn't that floor just begging for a dog laying at your feet? I know my pup is never too far from the stove.

I love that some of the pans are dented well loved.

Mmm, I know exactly what it smells like in that room.

(Images Via)


Aren't those white and turquoise pitchers up top the best? And I know a few girls who would love to get their hands on those mason jars!

Next time I'm in the area I'll be stopping by the Green Briar Jam Kitchen for some goodies. Head over to Stacey Hedman's site to read her wonderful story and connection to this place! Oh, and did you know the Green Briar grounds are where the Peter Rabbit stories were created? Could this place get any better?!!



Once the Rain Stops, I'm Off to Look For My Pot of Gold

Enjoy your weekend, you beautiful people. 

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*Stirring Around*

I could get lost in this space forever.

I'm a waffle girl myself, (right, Leslie Knope?) so you can imagine my face when I saw this.

This proposal story is jaw-dropping romantic.

This proposal story just might top the one above.

This perfectly tailored turquoise jacket with a cheery pop of red below make this bridal look one of my all time favorites. 


I Feel Pretty Friday

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 First off, how pretty is this image? I could see myself waking up, throwing on the dress, grabbing my cup of coffee and taking on the world, one pretty step at a time. 

But I digress. 

This is really about you. Can you see yourself in that mirror? I hope so because today's pretty is YOU! I can't tell you how much all your kind words and support have meant to me since starting this little blog. I'm so grateful to have "met" you all and I just want you to know that you inspire me daily. Your sweet words about our wedding this week left me with goosebumps and so much joy! This bloggy world is so strange and fantastic all at the same time; you never know how you'll be received and if anyone is really out there reading and loving your posts. You lovelies have made this experience just so stinking fun and rewarding for me and all I can say is thank you! 

So, here's to you, the prettiest of pretty!



August 21, 2010 - Making It Pretty

DIY + Details

* The farm's corn maze and story, Sleeping Snowrella, was inspired by our wedding. Each bridal party member had their own scarecrow and we had a ball running around the maze during the rehearsal dinner! 

* We made the napkin rings, napkins, table numbers, centerpieces, signs, boutonnieres, lemonade stand, jam favors, chalkboards, straws, planters, photo booth, dance floor, cake table back drop, cake stand, aqua mason jars, and lanterns. Phew.

* The guestbook was an idea I found on Style Me Pretty. I bought an old dictionary and had guests circle words that would remind us of that day. You can imagine as the night progressed the words became more ridiculous!

* Our signature drink was a concoction I made up at a party in the Poconos earlier that summer. We stayed at 808 Rimrock Circuit and thus, the Rimrock (808) was born. A little bit of gin, a dash of grapefruit juice, club soda, and then top it off with a lime. Best enjoyed over ice and among 20 of your closest friends!

* I had completely forgotten to leave out our beautiful cake topper flowers for the cake delivery person. He improvised by using the flowers in the bud vases we had scattered on the cake table. Hey, if it works, it works.

* We toasted with my dad's homemade hard cider...and then the guests found our hidden stash later on that evening.

* We still have some Apple Butter favors if anyone would like one!


Thank you all for coming to our little wedding! You guys were a constant inspiration to me while planning the big day and remain a driving force behind all the pretty you see on this blog today!
Big hugs, lovelies, big hugs.