All I Need is a Bike

Enjoy the weekend, you beautiful people.

*Stirring Around*

The cutest cake I ever did see.

I am embarrassed how much I love those bottle top covers. Love them. 
A must have for summer. 
That lavender one has my name written alllllll over it.

Heading up to Boston for the weekend to attend my little bro's final graduate recital!


I Feel Pretty Friday

I'm not even going to pretend I'm looking at anything else today. I resisted the Royal Wedding for months now, but this morning, I just couldn't help myself.

Look who's feelin' pretty today:

Enjoy your new Huz, you gorgeous little thing you.



He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not...He Loves Me.

In honor of wedding season in full swing (I hear there is a big wedding happening tomorrow across the pond) and the Huz and I rounding the corner into our 37th week of marriage (What? Doesn't everyone count their first year of marriage like they would their newborn's age?), I thought I'd leave you all with this beautiful image:

It's not about the dress*, the sparkle, the flowers, the food, the venue or trying to impress everyone on your guest list; it's about the fact that you have found your "forever friend" (as my sister/MOH said in her speech). In our vows, the Huz and I used the phrase "I choose you" because out of everyone in the world, we only wanted each other. We can get so wrapped up in the little details (guilty!) but it's good to step back and look at the message behind the pretty. I have always loved this picture because it does just that. 

To William & Kate and all the lucky duck brides getting married this weekend and beyond, congrats on finding your forever friend.

*okay, maybe it is about the dress!



Floral Heaven

 When I get around to creating my "dream team" of designers, bloggers, planners, crafters and all around awesome ladies (and maybe men), these two gals will for sure make the list. Meet floral and event designers, Sierra and Juliet, from Poppies & Posies. The name alone is precious but just take a look at some of their amazing work:

This is quite possibly my favorite table design ever.

It drives me crazy how good they are.

You know how you try to make bouquets like this and they just never seem to turn out right? Yeah.

Love the perfect height of these adorable arrangements.

And of course it's no surprise that such creative floral and event designs start in this inspiring studio:

Every good studio needs some striped straws and a warning about leashing your tigers.

They make it look so easy.

There are those darn deer again!

I could get lost in the details all day long.

Thanks to Brooklyn Bride, you can see so much more of Poppies & Posies's studio and check out their interview! I would take a floral arrangement class from them any day.



Confetti Love

What? Another guest post? I told ya I've been busy!

Head on over to The White Library to see how to make some confetti inspired centerpieces!


Ribbon Me This

Do you like ribbons as much as I do? Then head over to My Best Friend Jules where I'm guest posting today! Seriously, why are you still here? Go!

(Images 1/2/3/4)



55 and Counting

My apologies for the quiet day around here. Things got busy. Fast. Please bear with me while I get my butt in gear. 

In the meantime, how adorable are these two?
Get ready, Huz: 55 years, here we come!

Never stop cuddling.

Chalkboards are fun at any age.

True love.



Get Your Egg Hunting Pants On

Enjoy the weekend, you beautiful people.

*Stirring Around*

Just beautiful.

Sparkle, turquoise, pink serving trays, fresh flowers, and silver and gold accents = swoon.

Congrats on your engagement, Julie + Mitchell! The best is yet to come!

DIY Chevron rug. It makes me happy.

West Coasties: Remember to scoot over to the For Japan With Love: San Francisco Bay Charity Benefit and enjoy a night of groovin' and giving back!

Happy Easter, my lovelies!


I Feel Pretty Friday

I am dreaming of a lazy Easter brunch under a willow tree this morning. We'd feast on pancakes and sip iced tea while listening to Billie Holiday sing us into the afternoon. I think it'd look something like this:

But what would I wear? 
Why, this dress, of course!

Doesn't everyone eat maple syrup in ruffles?

What would your dreamy brunch look like?



Aww, Memories

I was searching through my pictures folder yesterday, on the hunt for some images of paper straws to use for a blog post, when I realized 20 minutes had passed and all I had been doing was traveling down memory lane through my saved photos. Have you ever gotten sidetracked by pretty images? Pinterest, what? I completely abandoned my post idea and decided to give you a look into my picture filing system, or rather, lack thereof. I realized I really need to start organizing my folder into categories: Wedding, crafts, holidays, pretty, personal, fashion, etc. Take a look at this mess:

Who's that dashing couple in the bottom row? 
I love that I have Halloween ideas smack dab in the middle of wedding dresses and details. Why not?

Then I came across some of my tent layouts I had made for our wedding and got all misty eyed.
How 'bout that expert cut and paste job of the tie and suit in the bottom row? 
And if someone would like to get me the Sarah Seven dress to the left of the suit/tie picture (please ignore the spelling of "tulip"), I'd love you forever .

Eeeee, all my makeup ideas I had for our wedding! See what I mean, though? I have wedding, personal and holiday pictures all mixed in together. Time to get organized, missy!

How do you organize your photos, lovelies?
I would love to take a peek into all your photo folders you store away on your computer; it's like a poor man's Pinterest.



Time to Make Some Cards

I've been looking for some fun ideas for unique business cards because I really want to make my own for You Stir Me. If you have a DIY/Design/Inspiration blog, you should make your own and make them pretty, no?
I'm going to eventually try my hand at a few different versions and then maybe I'll ask you lovelies which design you prefer? Sound fun?
 I know you know your stuff.

Here's a fun tutorial I found on Design*Sponge I'm thinking of using to make some hand stamped cards.

All you need is a stamp kit, some kind of tag or card, and an ink pad. Such a snap.

I think I'll enjoy this step the most.

 (Images Via)

Look how cute! I think I might incorporate bakers twine, adhesive ribbon or printed tape to the design. What do you think?

Do you lovelies have business cards or have the same business card obsession I do?



Please Humor Me for a Minute

Something horrible happened last night. Something that I've been trying to prevent ever since August 21, 2010. Something that I've made sure hasn't happened at the end of each day before I go to sleep. I lost a diamond from my wedding band. The Huz's grandmother's wedding band to be exact. The ring I was so honored to receive and to be able to pass down to my own granddaughter one day. His grandmother was a tough, hard working Polish woman, whom the Huz assured me had no doubt lost some diamonds from the band in her days, but still, I wanted to preserve every little bit of the ring forever. Now there is one less diamond. As soon as I saw the empty setting, I lost it. Complete and utter breakdown late last night. After about 20 minutes of the Huz holding me and telling me we can just replace the diamond, I made him grab some flashlights and help me comb our living room rug, on our hands and knees for an hour, a la Honey I Shrunk the Kids. You would do the same, right? I was so convinced we'd find this itty bitty diamond and when we did find it, it'd be the biggest sign that our marriage was going to last. Silly, right? Don't try to find logic in a madwoman's craze. I don't care about having a complete ring with diamonds, I care about having the same exact ring his grandmother had when she passed it down to her grandson. Am I overreacting? Is a diamond just a diamond? I don't think so. Perhaps I am beating myself up a bit too much but in my mind, she had that little sparkly rock all her life and I couldn't even keep it in tact for 8 months. I'm also convinced I'm still going to find it. Sigh...thanks for listening, lovelies. Am I completely crazy? Have any of you ever lost a sentimental piece of jewelry or diamond from your ring?

I'm sending good thoughts to my little lost diamond and checking my ring every five minutes today. Here's some sparkly in honor of all the diamonds lost and waiting to be found.



Seven Rhymes with Heaven

Hello, Monday.

I like to begin my mornings with a little bit of heaven, don't you?

So graceful.

So sassy.

So feminine.

So me.

She just gets it, doesn't she?
Which dress has your name on it?
The last two are begging for me to give them a home.
If this isn't enough pretty, you know you can find so much more over here!