Spice It Up

Remember that old spice rack you put in storage because you got a fancy shmancy one to replace it?
Go grab it. 
It's now your new twine rack.

Better yet, if you're not going to use it, send it my way. 
How brilliant is this idea? 
These are the kinds of things that tickle my fancy. 
Of course, you could use this for just about any kind of craft. Those trusty Martha Stewart glitter containers would look just as delightful, don't you think?


Unite to Help!

So here's something fun you can do today (and tomorrow):
The lovely ladies from Ever Ours and Utterly Engaged are at it again! 
Please join the Facebook event, UNITE TO HELP! For Japan With Love, to show your support and help raise the much needed funds for those suffering in Japan.
Check out all the details here.
So go on, change your profile picture and help spread the word, you lovely lovelies.


Big hug and thanks to all who have donated and taken the time to support such a worthy cause.

Psst - check out the For Japan With Love blog to see all the wonderful things people are doing to help with the devastation in Japan. The beauty in this world is never ending. 



Let's Pretty Up the Office

Crafty bloggers are the best, aren't they? 
Just when I was about to head out to buy a dry erase board from the local office supply store (zzzzz) I found this wonderful DIY idea from Paperstitch's Brittni.
Thanks, my dear!

So simple and a snazzy touch for my new office.

You can even use pretty craft paper or wrapping paper instead of fabric if you prefer.

I'm thinking I may make mine into a big dry erase calendar. 
This will be fun.
Of course, if you want all the juicy DIY steps, you'll have to skip on over to Brittni's tutorial on Paperstitch

So what's new, lovelies? 
Any fun DIY projects you're working on?
Tell me, tell me, tell me!



Hi lovelies. 
Please bare with me today as I rearrange my blogging schedule due to some changes here at work
You know I love you.


*Ooo - almost forgot to tell you some exciting news! I won a wonderful blog makeover giveaway from Mervi and Helena over at My Best Friend Jules! Ridiculous, right? I cannot wait to see what they do with this little blog. Expect some changes around here in the coming weeks!


My Parents Are Coming!

Enjoy the weekend, you beautiful people.

*Stirring Around*

Hooray for new adventures!

Must. do. this.

I would have used these on our wedding cake had I seen them sooner.

Hi. Number 5. Yes you. I'm going to make you mine.

There's still time: For Japan With Love.

My parents are making their annual trip down to Jersey today! I'll be bopping around NYC with them tomorrow and then ending our night in my favorite piano bar (just so happens to be the Huz's aunt's place). Come stop by!

I Feel Pretty Friday

Kind of amazing.

These are the kind of shoes you build your whole life outfit around.


Bold and Beautiful

I spotted these over on Luna and Chloe Weddings and I couldn't contain my love for Elva Fields any longer.

The talented designer, Emily Wheat Maynard, needs to teach a class on jewelry making.  I'd be the first to sign up.

Fun fact: I used to make my own jewelry when I was younger. I'd spend my allowance in the local bead shop and then create bracelets and earrings, either by hand or with my bead loom. My sister, Amy, and I created our own little "company" called Creations by the River (catchy, huh?) and sold our jewelry in the barn during apple season. I think we sold a few pieces, just enough to cover the cost of supplies and still have some left over for ice cream. It was the best.

Seeing these necklaces reminds me how fun it can be to make your own jewelry. I have a big party coming up in April and I think a big chunky necklace would be just the thing to wear with my outfit. First the necklace, then I'll figure out my attire around the pretty piece. It's fun to work backwards sometimes!

Have any of you lovelies ever made your own jewelry? 
Did you wear a big statement piece for your wedding?
I just love it when brides go big.


Three Blank Walls and a Window

We're in the process of moving into a new office building here at my day job (I love how that makes me sound like I'm a super hero by night) and I get upgraded to a window cubicle in the new place. It's the little things. I've been trying to find some quick and pretty ways to brighten up the drab space and I'm thinking I might make some of these:

 I'm not a huge sewer. In fact, I think I've only picked up a needle and thread just a few times in my life (once for this project), so this garland is right up my alley. Felt and bakers twine is all I need.

If I did sew, this garland would be just the thing to string along my wall.

This may be the most brilliant idea ever. All you need is a cheap plastic tablecloth and you're in business. Heck, I could do this on my lunch break and decorate the space in minutes!

I actually attempted to sew these flowers for our groomsmen's boutonnieres. It didn't go well so I abandoned the idea. I'm thinking I might have to give it a go again because this is too adorable to pass up.

How cute is this garland storage idea?

Perhaps I'll just make a few of these and hang them on the window?

(You can find all the DIY tutorials by clicking the image links.)

Do you have any favorite garland tutorials? Send them my way! I'm always looking for more inspiration, especially from you lovelies. 

What do you do to spruce up your office space?


Handmade Heaven

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Brides these days never cease to amaze me. There are so many creative and resourceful brides-to-be who design each and every bit of their wedding and I'm always blown away with the jaw-dropping details they create. This next bride is one of those handmade geniuses; you've already met her, too! Cindy is the wonderful blogger behind Hungry Girl Por Vida and I literally dropped everything I was doing when she sent me her wedding. Sit back and relax, folks, it's time for some pretty.

A well deserved high-five between Cindy + Sean.

Could she have picked better colors?

Just the cutest bunch of ladies, don't you think so?

Love that each bridesmaid had a different flower in her hair.

And if you're wondering, Cindy and her family made the bow ties. Unbelievable. 

Just because Cindy didn't have enough to do, she made the desserts! (Do I spy my favorite cake stand to the right of the wedding cake? I think I do.)

I'll never tire of these mugs.

The sweetest cake topper. 

Why didn't I ever think of using multiple colored straws? Best idea ever.

Lavender Ridge, Reno, Nevada. It's now on my list.

My favorite.

It kind of leaves you breathless, right? Thanks to Courtney Wilson Photography for capturing some of the most beautiful and heart warming images from Cindy and Sean's big day. Head over to Foto.tique and The Wedding Chicks to see so much more and read the whole story behind the wedding!

 Thanks Cindy!


Extra Extra!

Remember that huge announcement I hinted to last week? Well, I can finally let you all in on the big secret: I have joined Sandra Downie's The White Library as the new DIY and Crafting Corner Contributor! I will be sharing some fun and easy DIY ideas that I hope will inspire you lovelies! I'm so thrilled to be part of The White Library team; such a talented group of gals cooking, crafting, and designing all the pretty details we can't seem to get enough of these days! 

Head over to The White Library to check out my DIY Rustic Chic Napkins, just in time for spring! 

After DIYing and styling the shoot, I had to bake something so I could test the new napkins. Lucky for me, The White Library's food contributor, Brittany, had just the thing: Cheesy Chocolate Pastries! Oh, so good.

Come visit me each month on The White Library as I bring you DIY and crafty goodness! 
Can you tell I'm a bit excited?



May you enjoy yourself with fine friends, much laughter, and plenty o' good pints today.

Happy St. Patrick's Day

And a very happy birthday to my little bro, Aaron! Happy 26th!
(check out his website! The kid is going places.)

*just a reminder that tomorrow will be very quiet around here as I participate in Bloggers' Day of Silence in observance of the devastation in Japan.


It's a Family Affair

Please forgive me. I feel I have ventured away from all the beautiful weddings out there and have been featuring food and fashion instead. I haven't checked my favorite wedding blogs at all this week (don't worry, mom, I'm not ill. I'm just giving in to my sweet tooth). What's wrong with me you ask? This is what happened this morning:

I found Cindy's Hungry Girl Por Vida and my jaw almost dropped.
She featured Lemon Pull-Apart Bread; it's the sister to the Cinnamon Pull-Apart Bread, which is the Uncle to Monkey Bread. I'd like to be a part of that family.

And then Cindy added a glaze. Pure sin. I also blame her yummy photography skills for my expanding waistline must-bake list. This just moved to the top!

Head over to Hungry Girl Por Vida for the recipe.

Shall we have a blog bake-off? I know tons of you will be making the Cinnamon Pull-Apart Bread and now clearly this will be on your list as well. I think we should all make the breads (or make whatever you like!) and then have a bake-around-the-blog day where we each feature the end result.
Who's with me?

I need to get to the gym.


For Japan With Love

By now we have all seen the images and heard the heart wrenching stories of the devastation in Japan. It has left me speechless and wanting to help in any way possible. Lydia from Ever Ours and Lucy and Henny from Utterly Engaged have banded together to do just that: They established For Japan With Love, a project aimed at helping those in desperate need of  lifesaving supplies and emergency shelter in Japan. Bloggers from around the world have jumped on board to raise awareness and donate to this worthy cause. Please head over to For Japan With Love to learn more about this project. Then, join me and other bloggers this Friday for Bloggers' Day of Silence as we turn off our computers and spend time with the ones we love.

Head here to join in the effort and view a full list of all the lovely participating bloggers.

Thank you for all your help. Every little bit makes a difference.


Monkey Bread's Giant Uncle

Morning! Hope your weekend was lovely. Mine was wonderful. I worked on some fun crafts yesterday (big announcement coming soon!) and then watched four movies with the Huz in our pjs. It was great. But enough chit chat, I'm really here to share this ridiculous find with you dears:

Don't even think about it, just make it.

The recipe is delightfully easy and fun to make. Impress your friends or keep it all to yourself (most likely what I'll be doing).

I found this recipe for Cinnamon Sugar Pull-Apart Bread while looking for some good ideas for St. Patrick's Day dinner. I think we may skip the corned beef and cabbage, potatoes and soda bread this year and go straight to dessert. To be honest, I'm trying to come up with a good excuse to leave work so I can go home and make it right now. 

Are you making anything special for the 17th? 
Besides this yummy bread, of course.


The Perfect Weekend Palette

Enjoy the weekend, you beautiful people.

*Stirring Around*
Wishing north Jersey had some wildflower fields. 
Oh yes.

I love finding new blogs to oogle over. M Loves M. (I may have fallen in love with her pup a bit too much.)

I Feel Pretty Friday

Who needs ruffles when you have a dress like this:

I don't need to see the front. I'm already sold.


One of Each, Please

Don't you love when you're window shopping on fashion blogs and come across something you can actually afford and absolutely must have?

I do. 

Thanks to The Daybook, I now know about Spool No.72.

I can't wait to add these happy items to my wardrobe.

Casual. Dressy. Playful. Pretty. Whatever works for you.

The perfect accessories for a vintage chic look. They had me with the clutch once they added the summer squash.

Oh, I'm sorry, did you need the perfect tops for spring and summer? 
These are jean jacket approved.

I've already bookmarked this lovely shop and created my wishlist.

Have any of you lovelies visited Spool No.72 before? And you kept it a secret from me?

Can we talk about their amazing photography and styling? 
So smart and fun.