Craft Room Update...Sort Of

Remember the craft wall I was making? Whatever happened to that project? You'll have to excuse the extremely slow pace at which it's coming together; I've been a bit tied up lately and haven't been able to drive for a couple weeks due to my back. The last thing I'm going to ask the Huz to do is drive me to Michaels so I can stand in the Martha aisle for 25 mins while I decide between which cutting board or hole punch to buy. He's sweet but I think that's asking a bit too much from the guy who has waited on me hand and foot for the last three weeks (did I mention how much I love him? Great big bunches). Thanks to the internet and Etsy (my other love), I can purchase almost everything I need right from my comfy couch. Here's everything I've bought or have on my list to buy, oh so very soon.

The Huz has this desk in black. I painted it white. "He let you paint his favorite office desk white," you ask?
He did. I love him.

Added this craft hutch (but flipped it upside down so the cubbies are on the bottom). I'm trying to figure out how to utilize the larger space on top. Any suggestions from you crafty lovelies?

I'll be purchasing this easy peasy chair from Ikea ($22.99!)...

...and then making a pillow from this fabric for the chair. Isn't it pretty? It's one of the fabrics we used in our wedding to make the favors, napkin rings, and boutonnieres. For thread, I'm thinking of using the pink and white bakers twine we used in our wedding for the napkin rings.
I love incorporating memories into our home decor. 

I bought this wall decal and loved it but then when I put the desk up against the wall the proportions and spacing were all off. I think I'll keep the decal for later use (wouldn't it be sweet in a baby's room?) and I'll fill the empty wall with fun artwork instead.

Like this.

And this.

And these.

This too.

You already know about this one.

(Images Via)

Then I'll finally hang these babies up that I won from a Potter and Butler giveaway.

And lastly, a cute story.
The Huz and I wrote our own vows for the wedding because we wanted to make them special and meaningful to us as a couple. They were cute and simple but I spent months rehearsing them because I knew I'd have a hard time trying to memorize them the week before the wedding. I probably said my vows in my head each day for three months. Pathetic? Maybe. But I had a million other wedding items buzzing around in my head and I knew I had to have the vows nailed down. The Huz, on the other hand, waited until the morning of the wedding to memorize them. He didn't have them written down anywhere so the night before the wedding, I scribbled them down on some hotel scrap paper using a really bad pen that almost ran out of ink. We have pictures of him standing in the orchard at the back of the aisle, staring at that piece of paper, still trying to memorize his vows right before the ceremony. He delivered them flawlessly. The next morning, it poured during our brunch underneath the tent. As everyone rushed to make sure all our decorations, presents and guestbook were saved from the rain, my mom spotted a piece of paper on the ground outside in the grass. They were the Huz's vows. They must have fallen out of his pocket the night before and luckily the rain had not destroyed them. A sign? I like to think so.
I'm going to frame them and hang them up on my craft wall.
Front and center.

I also need to throw in some cute desk and craft accessory organizers. Any ideas?

Do you have any fun items you've used to decorate your space?
Where do you go to find creative decorations or organizing solutions?


It's Summery Somewhere

Enjoy the weekend, you beautiful people.

*Stirring Around*

(don't read into the two baby themed links. I just adore cute things.)

Turn up the volume and grab a tissue; you're about to fall in love.

I Feel Pretty Friday

I love ruffles. Fur (faux) is nice too.
Any combination of the two rocks my world.

Norman Norell evening dress ca. 1958 via The Costume Institute of The Metropolitan Museum of Art

What do you think?
You know you want to put it on and twirl.


Be Still, My Heart

Oh, you newly engaged ladies, you have no idea how lucky you are...

BHLDN by Anthropologie is your's on Valentine's Day.

I haven't caught my breath yet.

Go crazy, you lovely brides.


Seeing Red

Valentine's is right around the corner and it's snowing outside my window which means I'm in the mood for a little red, a little fun, and a little lovin'. Let's see what Etsy has for me.

(Image Via)

You'd have my heart if you served my dessert on this cute little cupcake stand.

(Image Via)

What do you think? I think I kind of love it.
(psst...if you love the vintage style of this dress, wait till you see everything else she has in her shop!)

(Image Via)


 (Image Via)

Size 7.5, please.

(Image Via)

Be mine.

(Image Via)

Oh Huz, you shouldn't have...

(Image Via)

My favorite.
I just love everything from this shop! I'm thinking of getting this print for my craft room and possibly a few more because a girl can never have too many options.

Make sure to head over to each of these Etsy shops and support the lovely people behind the handmade!


House Crashing

You all checked out the new EmersonMade spring collection that launched yesterday, right? Items are selling out like crazy and I couldn't be happier for my favorite New Hampshire seacoast couple, Ryan and Emerson. Of course, I have become a bit of a stalker with these two, especially when I found out they moved from NYC to an old farmhouse in one of my favorite New Hampshire towns and now run their business out of an old mill building. Thanks to Design*Sponge, we can take a peek inside Emerson and Ryan's gorgeous home. I could go on all morning about everything I love about their seacoast farm, but I think I'll let the pictures do all the talking. You can see more over here and learn the story behind all the seaside pretty.


Oh, Hi

Morning lovelies. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and were able to stay inside and avoid the chilly temperatures (for those of you in my neck of the woods). I'm popping on to let you know I'll be in and out of blogging for a while. I've been taking a lot of time off from work due to my back issues and I really need to get back to feeling like myself and catch up on all the work that I've missed. I'm sure you understand! I hope to be posting a few times a week so keep checking in and make me feel loved! Because I love you, too.



Enjoy the weekend, you beautiful people.

*Stirring Around*

Very excited to see what else this little lady has in store for us.

Grass wallpaper. I like it.

This sounds like a great way to spend the weekend.

I Feel Pretty Friday

Did I ever tell you I love bows almost as much as ruffles? 
I do.

(Image Via)

So darling.

(Image Via)

I want.

(Image Via)

She decided to add some ruffle and that's alright with me.

 (Image Via)

Just my style. 

 (Image Via)

Oh summer, you need to come sooner. 

(Image Via)  

One loop or two, I still love you.

(Image Via) 

The perfect little shoe clips




I'm still coming down from the Wish Upon a Wedding New Jersey Launch Party on Tuesday night. Some of the most amazing vendors pulled off a dazzling event filled with chic white lounges, lavish centerpieces dripping with crystals, swanky cocktails, and some of the best food I've ever tasted at an event. Seriously. The best. I am so grateful to be a part of this wonderful organization dedicated to bringing well deserving couples the weddings of their dreams. I can't wait to see what the New Jersey Chapter has in store for the coming year and of course I'll be updating you all on any opportunities to get your paws dirty with me! I took some pictures but as I've said before, I'm not good with the camera so please be kind.

To everyone who participated in the launch party's success: Bravo, my friends. Hats off to all the wonderful staff at the Florentine Gardens, and the Wish Upon a Wedding vendors, sponsors and volunteers who all made the party so spectacular.

Now let's get down to making wedding bliss possible for everyone.


Check out this article from the Westwood-Washington Township Patch for a full recap of the night and more lovely pictures. 

 For info on how to get involved in the New Jersey Chapter or any other chapter nationwide, head to Wish Upon a Wedding and join in on the fun. 


EmersonMade Me a Fan

For those of you who don't know me, I'm a New Hampshire farm girl whose heart has never really left her sleepy little valley by the Connecticut River. I grew up vacationing every summer on the NH/ME seacoast and over the years I've fallen in love with the eclectic and historic port town of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. I have been contemplating moving up to that area some day and wouldn't you know it, I stumbled across a sign yesterday while shopping window shopping at EmersonMade. They are located in Portsmouth! Well. It looks like that's settled. What bigger sign do I need? Look at all their swoon-worthy delights! I know you all love their oversized flowers just as much as I do and their clothing line is expanding this spring.  I feel like I might need to take a road trip up to their studio; who's with me?

Yup. Love the jeans.

Oh, love these too.

Bridesmaid gifts? Or maybe get one just for your pretty little self.

Love the flower pins for the guys. 
(Those darn deer again!)

Bah. Love it.

I almost purchased this baby for my wedding dress. 

A little teaser from the spring line launching soon (I hear January 24th!)

There is too much pretty in this place. 
Has anyone purchased anything from EmersonMade
What are your favorite pieces?

HUGE UPDATE: Head over to Wedding Window where they are featuring a giveaway for a $350 EmersonMade shopping spree! I know! Skip on over to see all the details and find out how to enter!