Take a Bow

Yesterday I was watching Martha (shocker) and she had a segment involving how to tie the perfect bow, much like the one she said you'd find on a Tiffany's box. You know, the kind that unties with one single pull? She then remarked, in only the way Martha can, that not many people get to open Tiffany boxes, so maybe that wasn't the best reference. Oh, Martha. Even though I've only opened one Tiffany box in my life (totally not complaining), my experience of pretty bows comes from opening all the gorgeous wrapping from my family and friends who seem to have perfected the delightful bows. 
I have not. 
This year, I'm setting out to finally learn how. And although I certainly don't judge the content of your character based on how well you can tie a bow, I do find it a skill I admire in people. 
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You can find a great tutorial here. I'm not going to lie, I've watched this more than once. And, I also think it's a little less confusing than the tutorial on Martha yesterday. There, I said it.

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(this is not the "Tiffany bow"!)

In this tutorial, they give you the secret to finishing the perfect bow: Fold your bow tails back in and place a dot of glue underneath to secure the fold. Brilliant. Just brilliant.

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Alright, Martha, I'll give you this one. I'll definitely be trying this simple bow the next time I have a cute little box to wrap!

Do you lovelies have the gift of bow tying? 
Or do you just slap a pre-made bow on it and call it a day?
Of course, there are so many easy alternatives to bows out there; getting creative with your packages is half the fun, I think!



  1. Great tips!! I'm always trying to make the 'perfect' bow and seem to never get it right. I'll have to check out this tutorial

  2. haha this is so funny because for a wedding i styled in may, the florist had to show me how to tie a bow about 40 times for the pews! something that definitely takes practice, thats for sure!!

  3. Tying the perfect bow is something I still can't perfect! I need even more practice! :) {A}

  4. So, so gorgeous! I usually count on wired ribbon for my bows!