Supper at Sunset

Oh, welcome! I see you have brought a bottle of wine and good conversation for today's Supper at Sunset. Please, take a seat while I explain a little bit about our supper.

My family owns and operates an apple farm in New Hampshire, open for pick-your-own apples during the beautiful fall season. I thought it would be a fun idea to celebrate the season and my parents anniversary by hosting a dinner up in the orchard for everyone at sunset. I wanted to use as many materials and supplies I could find laying around the house - table settings, chairs, glassware, and decor items were either borrowed from friends, brought up from the farmhouse, or from my personal collection. The morning before the dinner, my sister and I collected flowers from the farmers market, our neighboring farm, and our farm, making sure to buy locally and seasonally. I knew I wanted to use dahlias and whatever else the market was selling that day; boy did we make out like bandits! We used a mixture of Dahlias, Celosia, Zinnia, Billy Buttons (my pup had fun collecting Billy Buttons with me!) Silver Falls, and Dusty Miller to create the gorgeous floral arrangements. The table was created using our farm's apple boxes and planks of wood my dad was gracious enough to let me use. Thank goodness for my little helpers, my husband and brother, who helped me redesign the table structure last minute! I loved how rustic it looked and how it really complemented the surrounding orchards. I brought in soft textures like yarn for the chargers, hot mulled cider mugs and cake banner, and provided "cozy up" blankets just in case the 80 degree day gave way to a chilly fall night. It didn't. But nevertheless, the blankets added a comfy feel to dinning outdoors!

Perhaps my favorite part of the afternoon set up, was having my amazing wedding photographer, Amanda Perkins, visit and snap some pictures of the supper. It was her first time back on the farm since our wedding so we had a ball catching up and walking all over the farm once again. She was so kind to squeeze our little supper in after a whole weekend of busy weddings. She's the best. Hands down.

After the sun set, our family and beloved staff sat down to a delicious dinner, prepared by my sister (and of course, everything was locally grown and homemade). Perhaps I can get the Gingerbread Cake with Maple Whipped Cream recipe from her. It's to die for.

It was such a magical night, filled with candlelight, good food, and good company.

Now, on to the show!

Can you spot the missing item in this last picture? I had been so excited to get shooting that I forgot to grab the cake. Oh, details.

Design/Coordination: Me
Photography: Amanda Perkins Photography
Venue: Riverview Farm
Flowers: By Design Dahlias, Edgewater Farm, and Riverview Farm
Tablecloth: Anthropologie
Cloth Ribbons: Olive Manna

Thanks so much for dinning outdoors with me, lovelies.
I highly recommend setting up a little dinning experience outdoors in someplace unexpected!



  1. incredible job laura! i'm sure it was a wonderful evening with your beautiful family!

  2. i only wish i could have pulled up an extra chair! gorgeous. perfect. i just love it. it captures all of the things i love best about new england in to one special night :)

  3. Oh my, If I come into some money, I'm buying a ticket, packing my backs (dragging my man with) and we're coming to visit your parents apple farm! I'd like this table please:) Stunning job Laura. I'm so glad you stopped the comparison game (I do it too) and posted this.

  4. Oh, my. What don't we love about this? Those crates are amazing - we covet them - and the sweet details are so charming! Love every bit.

  5. This is pure fall perfection! I am so jealous that you have access to such an amazing place! Beautiful job!

  6. Wow, you did SUCH an amazing job. The detail is very apparent.

    - Sarah

  7. Wow, wow! What a lovely celebration you have created! Just glorious, seemingly so simple, yet the details are what makes is so wonderful.

    Great work!

  8. It's all gorgeous! I love the details and oh that dresser!

  9. I want to beam myself into this setting & enjoy a night like that! I can clear see how much love & thought went into every detail. So charming & sweet!!

  10. Oh Laura you did such a beautiful job! I am so proud of you. Everything looks beautiful and perfect :) Your family must have been so happy to enjoy a meal amongst this prettiness. xoxo

  11. this is lovely Laura! what a great job. this is totally inspiring me to do some outdoor picnics and dinners- too bad it's going to be winter- or maybe that's just all the more cozy right? nice work!

  12. Laura, I'm so in L O V E!!!! The shoot is gorgeous, the photos are so rich, the flowers are divine-you knocked this one waaay out of the park!

  13. Sounds like a dream... and everything was just gorgeous! Yes, PLEASE get that gingerbread cake recipe from your sister and then send it to me ASAP!! :)

  14. Wow it looks totally beautiful! I love the main table in particular, so rustic yet fancy!

  15. This is so so so beautiful!!


  16. Its so pretty - you did a wonderful job. Such amazing details!

  17. Everyone should get a chance to gather around such a gorgeous table just once! Exquisite styling down to the last detail!

  18. i am in LOVE. i've been so offline that i have not been able to share my LOVE... of this shoot, your talents, & sweet as pie YOU (don't worry dave). such adorable special touches & heartfelt handmade items - this dinner is absolute perfection. xoxo

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