Denim + Deep Dish

It seems I have run into a case of the blahs today. 
 We all seem to catch it now and then, don't we?
 With all the crazy in the news lately, I'm bogged down with wondering how the Huz and I are ever going to move out of our treehouse apartment, buy a house up in New England and finally start our life together.
See? That's the blah in me talking.
Time to snap out of it.


I turn to pretty things. 

But first, a reminder. 

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So true. 
Take that, blahs.

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I got really excited when I saw this DIY Chevron Rug tutorial because I remembered we have an old outdoor rug sitting in our storage, just waiting to come out and join me in my Cranky Cave (what I call my Craft Cave when I'm in a funk).

I think I need a big project like chevroning the ugly carpeted steps leading up to our apartment...

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...or maybe just this bracelet and clutch...

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...to go with this outfit.

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But let's be honest, making this naughty dessert combo is probably the only thing that will do the trick.

Sometimes all it takes is a project to get excited about, a pretty piece of lace, a pop of turquoise and some sprinkles to make the day a bit better.

How do you get yourself out of a bad funk? 
Would you ever chevron carpeted stairs?
Who wants to have a sleepover and eat way too many sweets ?



  1. I would try painting just about anything! I frequently use paint to repurpose. My only concern would be durability.

    Cuddling with my pups can snap me out of a funk. Hang in there--your time will come!

  2. remove yourself from social media, escape in pinterest in pretty pictures and create your dream house. go for a walk, hang out with hubby, and drink some champagne :)

  3. Great inspiration boards! Make it happen girl :) Lovely skirt & yummy eats!

  4. We definitely all have those funks. For me, I like to get outside....play with my nephews...read or look at pretty magazines. Get off the computer. Stop comparing my life. Etc. Etc. Etc. hahaha....hope you're feeling better now!

  5. I love that Bad day, bad life poster; just what I think everyone needs right now. While the current state of things is pretty painful, there's always pretty to turn to. That, and thinking about 1970s vs 1980s.

  6. Yes to the sweets sleepover, though maybe we should meet somewhere in the middle...Kentucky?!

    I hope that you're feeling better today!

  7. i think the painting your stairs idea is fabulous!

    and i totally hear you on those bad days of brain-torment. i have been tired + uninspired all week... i was thinking about blogging about that in fact. ways to fix it. and the fact that its OK to feel that way. i think taking a walk, reading something inspirational, have a cup of coffee or a glass of wine... hang with your hubby...those should help! i hope you're having a better day :)

  8. That poster is a great reminder, thank you :-)

    But the sleepover + sweets idea still sounds good!