Oh, Hi

Morning lovelies. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and were able to stay inside and avoid the chilly temperatures (for those of you in my neck of the woods). I'm popping on to let you know I'll be in and out of blogging for a while. I've been taking a lot of time off from work due to my back issues and I really need to get back to feeling like myself and catch up on all the work that I've missed. I'm sure you understand! I hope to be posting a few times a week so keep checking in and make me feel loved! Because I love you, too.


  1. Sending you happy and healthy vibes from down South!

  2. Hope you're taking really good care of yourself-nothing is more important.

  3. Turns out, I didn't take a break at all:) Old habits die hard, I suppose. Thanks for all the support you guys!!! Mwah.