Happy New Year

Enjoy the weekend ringing in 2011, you beautiful people.

To You.

* Stirring Around *

Wishing these two + Henry a very fun-filled adventure out west and a very happy marriage in the new year!

These rain boots have lace on them. Yummy.

Love anything Ebony Bizys touches.

I've truly enjoyed reliving the best of this year with you. Oh, and you. And you. Also, you. Can't forget you.

Say thanks with style.

I married my best friend this year. You've got a lot to live up to, 2011.


I Feel Pretty Friday

Yeah, I bet you do.

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No glitter or sequins but these would make my life sparkle.


Bring Some Sparkle Home

Hello, gorgeous.

Sparkles and a turquoise ceiling = me cooking and baking to my heart's content.

I think stairs are so overlooked.

Clearly this needs to be in my hallway.

This makes me happy.

Why not? 
(super adorable idea for storing glitter!)

You might as well go all out.


I Have Nothing to Wear for NYE

Sequin me.

You should have told me you were popping in on my closet. I would have cleaned a little.

I like.

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This is what I'd love to wear for New Year's.

(Image Via)

Next year's wrapping. Thanks Summer.

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Don't get sand in your popcorn.

I love me some ban.do.

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Sequins are good for hiking.

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Heck, I'd wear these as bracelets. Or as anklets...

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Grey tee and some sparkle.  My kind of glamor. 

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Another One Bites the Dust

We can't celebrate a week of sparkly things without mentioning that a very special friend of mine received a dazzling ring for Christmas! A huge hug goes out to my girl Marissa who got engaged to her sweetheart, Adam, over the holidays! I'm over the moon excited and can't wait to see what she does with her their wedding. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!

Here's a little toast to the happy couple - Congrats you two!

Sparkle On

And I'm back. Did you miss me? I missed you. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend and if you're in the Northeast, I hope you've dug yourself out and are taking some time off to enjoy the snow. I jumped up and down like a little kid as the inches kept piling up outside our window - two feet in all! It was my favorite Christmas gift and the perfect kickoff to a week of sparkle here on You Stir Me. New Year's Eve is just a few short days away so I thought I'd dedicate this week to all that sparkles and shines.

I wish this is how I started each day. 


Olden Times and Ancient Rhymes...

Enjoy the weekend magic of the holidays,
you beautiful people.

* Stirring Around *

I bow down to you. And again.

This makes everything alright.

Not saying I would do this to a crib, but I'm certainly not saying I wouldn't.

Congrats Abby + Tait!

I simply must have these.

Merry Christmas.

I Feel Pretty Friday

Today is my Friday. It's the last day of work before some time off to enjoy the holiday with family and friends so I thought I'd make it your Friday here, too. Lucky you, right? So sit back and enjoy these pretties with me. As a lover of all things ruffle, I could easily wear something ruffly every day and never grow tired of it. Ever. These lovely photos leave me wondering can you ever have enough ruffles? Are these too much? 

What do you think?


I say not enough.


Wish I Was Here Wednesday

Playing along with Olivia today...you should too.

Wish I was here with my puppy and a sled.

Come see


The Stockings Were Hung by the Chimney With Care...

I found these lovelies of Danielle Thompson's house via House of Turquoise (my new love) and couldn't keep them all to myself. Don't they just warm you right up? She balances kitschy-cool details with vintage finds and really makes it hard to resist doing the same in your own place.


Favorite? The garlands, of course.

And the vintage "Christmas Chipmunks" record that just so happens to match all the colors in the room is spot on.

Deer and bottle brush trees are having the best year ever.

Tinsel instead of fake snow? Oh yes.

I could get lost in this tree for days.

I love the stockings! I'd like to think I would be this cool to decorate my house in neon and mid-century style. 
Danielle, you've inspired me.


Oh. My.

If I had one room in my house to go completely crazy with, I'd decorate everything in white with pops of pinks and turquoise. And ruffles. And fur. And sparkle. So it's no surprise that I went insane when I saw this next feature over on Sitting in a Tree. Ladies, warn me next time you're going to show me something like this so I don't scare the neighbors with all the excitement. This is bonkers.

Can you put those under my tree too?

That settles it. I need to have a party just so I can wrap up little s'more packages with bakers twine. And wear pink leggings.

Eat your heart out, Martha.

We put Legos and dried flowers from our wedding in our clear Christmas ball ornaments. Confetti is cool too.

This shoot rocks my socks off. Tori and Myka, you've done it again.

It was so hard to choose just a few photos so good thing there are tons more over on Sitting in a Tree, 100 Layer Cake and of course the talented team behind the images, Joielala Photographie.


I Spy a Martha-in-the-Making

If you were wondering who the raddest blogger out there is, it's Leslie from Fresh Out of Lemons. She accepted my challenge to make these insane houses featured on Not Martha a while back and with the help of her sweetheart, Joey, she did me proud. 

So Perfect! So delightful! So honored she humored me!

Head over to Fresh Out of Lemons to see the whole process; no bump in the road is going to keep this girl from her crafts. (Huz - did you hear her husband helped her make these? He crafts with her! Leslie, you are one lucky duck.)

That's a Wrap

Good morning, my loves. We are just days away from my most favorite time of the year which means the Christmas music is turned up, hot chocolate has replaced my morning coffee, and presents are patiently waiting under the tree. I finally wrapped all the goodies for my family and sent them off in the mail Santa's sleigh to snowy New England. I have a few more to wrap though so I'm looking for some quick and simple wrapping solutions to get the creative juices flowing. And if you're in the same boat, no worries, I gotcha.

Love the idea of using a fun box and layered ribbons in place of wrapping paper. 
(pssst - head over to Grey Likes Weddings to see more of this adorable inspiration shoot!)

Bakers twine, craft paper, and fabric. Oh, the possibilities.

Found this bad boy over on She Said Yes!'s Mason Jar Sunday feature.
How simple and cute would this be as a hostess gift or a nice homemade goody for all your friends?

Nice one, Martha. How to here.

What can't you do with yarn?

Five more days...


Seven More...

Enjoy the weekend, you beautiful people.

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* Stirring Around *

Move over Artichoke, the Pomegranate is in town.

I love you in your flirty dress and sassy heels.

Green with envy over anyone who receives one of these next weekend. 

We finally booked! Cookies and Catskills, here we come. 

There's not one thing on this list the Huz wouldn't want. 

I know you wouldn't want to miss this with me. 

Yes, please.


I Feel Pretty Friday

Best darn wedding shoes that I ever did see.

See more over on you know where.


The Love Affair Continues...

I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw this next wedding featured on 100 Layer Cake. The knockout bride, Amanda, wore the Vera gown I haven't been able to keep quiet about, as evident here and here. I'm a lover of all things DIY but I think this wedding is too much for me to handle, it's just too perfect! Amanda was very sweet to let me feature some of her beautiful pictures, all shot by the super talented couple from Weddings by Two. Seriously, I think this might be my favorite wedding of all time.

Everything about this picture is stunning. 

I love seeing how each bride has accessorized this dress and Amanda nailed it with this gorgeous belt. I love the soft colors and texture it adds to the dress.

 Having the flowers wrap around the back is the perfect little detail that drives me crazy.

Did I mention how much I love this dress? (Aren't they adorable?)

 Yup, sweet as pie.

I've been eyeing those plates for a while now and am so happy every time I spot them at weddings. 

Cake banners! Yet another detail Amanda and Luke nailed perfectly.

So darling.

Like I said, too much for me to handle.

Congrats Amanda and Luke!

And there's more to see! Head over to 100 Layer Cake to get all the wedding details or check out Weddings by Two and Amanda and Luke's blog to see all the pictures.