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Goodbye November

Hello December

I'm ready.

Nights at The Roxbury

This year, instead of gifts under the tree, the Huz and I are giving each other a weekend getaway. We figured the incredible honeymoon was three months ago so we're about due for another relaxing escape, right? A couple years ago, my sweetheart surprised me (and I mean didn't tell me where we were going until we were on the road) with a trip to The Roxbury in Roxbury, New York. I went back and forth with deciding if I should tell all of you about this place; it's just that special and I want it all to myself! This award winning hotel is set amongst the quintessential Catskills town and beckons you to leave your phone off, your imagination on, and throw all your expectations out the door. The owners, Greg Henderson and Joseph Massa, have just completed a huge addition to the property and I can't wait to stay in one of the new rooms.  Take a look for yourself:

Aren't the grounds spectacular? And that view? Stop it.

S'mores and an Irish Cream anyone?

The new North Wing all lit up at night. They have thought of everything. Now on to the rooms.

Amadeaus' Bride. I must see this room in person, it's just too stunning to miss.

I know some of you are squealing right now. Did I mention the coffee station glows in the dark and the ceiling has been turned into a fiber optic masterpiece, making you feel as if you're traveling through space?

Last time we stayed in Fred's Lair. This year, we'll be staying in this gem Emerald.

I'm dying over this hair headboard. Genius. I want one. 

The Huz and I will be seen here relaxing after a wonderful massage in the new Shimmer Spa North.

I love the new library addition. Don't feel like reading? They have a ridiculous DVD library in the main house for your indulgence. Grab a huge cookie on your way out! I made several cookie DVD trips.

We hiked. We ate. We slept. We ate again. It was perfect. Next door to the hotel is the Public Lounge where you can sip yummy cocktails while watching an Audrey Hepburn movie. Such places exist in Roxbury.

Hey, get off our bed!

The two creative gentlemen behind everything. You guys have completely outdone yourselves with the new addition and we can't wait to visit!

 Our list of to-dos while at The Roxbury:
Tour the new rooms
Eat a cookie (or three)
Spend a full day in our bathrobes
Eat some of the best food ever here and here
Eat another cookie
Plan our next visit
And, if we were skiers, we'd call in sick to work on Monday

Sorry for the long post but I couldn't get away with only sharing a few pictures. This place just makes me happy. Head over to The Roxbury and their Facebook page to see all the jaw dropping goodies waiting for you.


Me Me Me!

If I saw this walk down the aisle, I would stand up and applaud.

Come on, winter brides.

Holiday, Oh, Holiday...

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with friends and family. I'm sure some of you started your holiday decorating as soon as you finished the pumpkin pie. There was a lot of crafting going on at the farm this past weekend. I walked around the orchards with my puppy, collecting berries, pine cones, and greenery to create a holiday inspiration table. Some of the pine cones were collected up in Maine during our Thanksgiving walk to the lighthouse. Quaint, huh? It took four hours to glue them onto the Styrofoam cones but with Christmas music playing and my Martha hat on, it was totally worth the effort. Plus, it started snowing. I love you, New England.


I love using old fashioned Christmas glass balls as centerpieces. They also look festive when hung from a chandelier or scattered amongst evergreens down the center of a table. 

Not as cool as the little deer featured in one of my previous posts, but I think these reindeer add a nice touch to any table top. You could spray paint them white for a more modern look or add a little red pom pom to the tip of their noses for fun.

Even woodpiles need some holiday cheer.


Over the River and Through the Woods...

The Huz and I are heading up to New England to spend the holiday with family and my puppy. Here's wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving, from our home to yours. 

Until Monday...


Road Trip

Grab your raddest dress and join me for some poolside dancing under the stars. The lineup is getting too ridiculous to miss. Head over to Hitched to check out the heavy hitters. Rue, Ban.do, Ashley Meaders, 100 Layer Cake and Carter & Cook all in the same place? I want to go to there.

Seriously, who's coming?

Deerie Me!

Has anyone else noticed all these little deer popping up in window displays and advertising this year? Everywhere I turn I find them hiding next to a cute pair of shoes or a mossy tablescape. I kinda dig them.

Wouldn't this be perfect as a bathroom decoration? Or am I crazy? Nope, it's perfect.
How to here.


These deer Rue.

These babies have been making their way around the blogosphere and someday they will be mine (the shoes, not the deer).

Only in Maine can you buy Whiskey smelling aftershave. I'll be heading over to the Portland General Store for some fancy stocking stuffer ideas.

Such an adorable idea to use them as place card holders! The rest of the tablescape is to die for as well. I'm stealing the flannel table runner and  tree stump idea for a holiday display of my own.

So easy and cute! I love the idea of grouping mini apothecary jars together to create a whimsical winter wonderland display. Perhaps I'll add this to my flannel runner and tree stump design...



If I could turn back time, I would find room in my budget in order to have this little Super 8 kit from A Bryan Photo for our wedding. I fell in love with the Super 8 films while planning the wedding and desperately tried to make it work; but alas, it was too expensive to hire a Super 8 videographer for our budget friendly day.  This kit would have been perfect if it was available a year ago! The good news is, these charming films are great for other events as well - birthdays, retirement parties, road trips, anniversary gifts, holidays; the possibilities are endless. Tonight I will fall asleep dreaming of how I'll use this new little find in the future.

This darling couple used one of the kits to make a sweet film of their honeymoon. It's such a keepsake and completely worth the investment, wouldn't you say?

(pssst...Check out their wedding here: The beautiful bride in the film wore the Vera dress I have been crying over recently! The little belt detail she added is just too perfect.)

The Truffle Shuffle

The Huz sent me this recipe for Pumpkin Truffles, thinking I could do a blog post about it and he could get some yummy sweets out of the deal. Simple, right? I set out, overconfidently, making these for a feature about an easy Thanksgiving dessert alternative. Three days, multiple attempts at hardening the chocolate, and 18 wasted truffles later, here's where I ended up:

I think it's cute only two survived. There is some kind of marriage metaphor in there somewhere.

Plus, I finally got to use our wedding plates for something. I guess it wasn't a total failure.

 I only had a bite of one (they mysteriously disappeared over the weekend) and it was very tasty. These would be a great addition to the Thanksgiving dessert table!


Garland Me.

Breaking my "no blogging after 4:30 pm on a Friday" rule to bring you a fun little giveaway I found over on Anders Ruff's blog (my new obsession). I introduce to you Potter & Butler.

Do you like this?

Cake Garland

Or how 'bout this?

Gracious Garland


(Images Via)

Embellish Collection

Of course you do. 

Head over to Anders Ruff's blog to enter their delightful giveaway from the sweet shop of Potter & Butler:

Two Gracious Garlands
One set of Peppy Toppers

Also check out Potter & Butler's blog. Too much pretty in one place. The Huz thanks you for the Peanut Butter Cup post, ladies!

 Ok, now enjoy the weekend, you beautiful people.

Changing a Lightbulb

Enjoy the weekend, you beautiful people.

I Feel Pretty Friday

Usually on Fridays I like to feature pretty things, mostly of the ruffly nature. But as soon as I spotted this dress on Style Me Pretty I honestly teared up. I can't help it. Vera is quickly becoming one of my most favorite people in the whole entire world. I mean, she's practically part of the family.



Talk about the right dress for the right bride. So vintage, so graceful, so pretty. Oh, and the rest of the wedding is just as crazy good. Go see what dreams are made of


I Surrender.

I just spotted these over on Not Martha and loved them too much to not share. I'm not going to be making these (my first holiday craft edit!) but someone please, oh please, make them and share a picture. 

It makes me giggle.

She posted PDF patterns so you have no excuses.

Head over to Not Martha to see the whole tutorial. Who's feeling crafty?

Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String

One of my favorite things to do this time of year is wrap presents. I go to the big box store in town, buy the most colorful wrapping paper and bows possible and spend the day wrapping with the Elf marathon in the background. This year is a little different, however. It's the first year I'll be spending Christmas away from my family and my little New Hampshire farm. I'm looking forward to a little change (and spending it with the Huz's family) but now I'm scrambling to get all my shopping done in time for a family Christmas gift exchange next week at Thanksgiving. I wanted to find a way to make each present for my family extra special since I won't be sitting around the tree with them (tear) this year. I've always loved the "Old Fashioned Christmas" Bing Crosby sings about so I've decided to wrap all the presents this year in white or brown craft paper and finish each one off with different holiday trimmings. I plan to use things like yarn, bakers twine, buttons, pine cones, and berries and create vintage gift tags to complete the look. I want everyone to feel like they're receiving something special as if it came straight from Martha's Santa's Workshop.

Inspired by these pretty packages. I'm adding burlap and greenery to my list of trimmings.
How to here.

Etsy alert!

The perfect vintage tags from Pretty Little Studio.

I might have to forgo creating my own and grab these fun little ones instead by Petite Pear Paperie.

These tags by Craftypagan are making it so hard to choose. You can even have her customize the ribbon color!

There's no place like Etsy for the holidays...


This One Goes Out to All My Jackies...

In honor of my big sis finally arriving back in Jackson Hole this week, I decided to do a big shout out to JH weddings. I spent the summer after college living and working on a ranch out in Jackson (Kelly, WY to be exact) and it's hard to put into words how you feel with the Tetons constantly as your backdrop. You feel very small. Also lucky, privileged, spoiled, and special. If you have never made it out west to Jackson Hole: Go. 

Hello lovelies, you haven't changed a bit.

I will never grow tired of Ranunculus and baling twine bouquets. Never.

I spent so much of my time sitting in bison roadblocks on this road, listening to country music and watching the sunset over the mountains. Like I said, privileged. 

This photo speaks for itself.

Turquoise and burlap. Match made in heaven.

More turquoise and burlap!

Off to the Cowboy Bar.

Love the simplicity and warmth of these invites.

(Images Via & Via)

I cannot wait to go to a Jackson Hole winter wedding. And what better place to get married during the holidays, right?

Oh Jackson, I have a feeling I'll be seeing you soon.